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  • gc_kaavaali
    01-04 03:16 PM
    You should be able to work use EAD...your husband can still work on H1. First u need to apply for SSN to work.

    Hi !
    My husband is on H1 and i am on H4. We recently got our EADs. What I want to know is, can i start working right away with my EAD while my husband works on H1 or are there any rules like my husband also needs should change his status from H1 to EAD so that I may use my EAD card?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • perm2gc
    12-15 05:20 PM
    I just got my labor cleared. EB3.
    I need to get the I140 processed
    Any idea how much time it generally takes for this to process.
    The reason I'm asking is because my h1 needs to be processed in April and if this I140 gets cleared before that, I can get my h1 extension for 3 years.

    Once you file it usually take 1-2 months.But you have premium processing for I140 now,you can have result in two weeks.So don't worry ..just talk to your attorney.

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  • netfood
    07-13 07:36 PM
    I had L1A from 10/2005 to 10/2008. My lawyer filed I-485 in 2008, but he did not file extension of L1A. My L1A is expired in 2008. In Jan. 2010, my I-485 was denied. We filed appeal in Feb.. Then, we filed L1A extension, which is denied in June 2010. I do not know what to do? I have been in here for five years. now my wife and child's L2 also expired. Can I file another L1A without leaving USA (I was told no, because I did not meet 1/3 requirement, one year abroad within three years of admission into the USA. I have to go back Jamaca for one year and refile there, but I would give up my I-485). Thanks.

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  • tabletpc
    01-10 01:34 PM

    I am at present on non-cap h1b and i have asked an employer to file for a new caped h1b in april 2008.

    I have tentative plans of going to india in March end . In case i can't make it before april 1st back to US, can my new emplyer file for my New h1b while i am out side US...???

    Is there any rule that, lates i-94 needs to be sent while aplying for h1b..???

    greatly apppreciate any inputs....


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  • Macaca
    05-25 08:10 PM
    Making History, Reluctantly (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/05/24/AR2007052402069.html) In a Hill Anomaly, Pelosi Shepherds Iraq Bill She Opposes, By Jonathan Weisman (http://projects.washingtonpost.com/staff/email/jonathan+weisman/) Washington Post Staff Writer, Friday, May 25, 2007

    In public, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had done nothing to suppress her frustration as she assented to funding the Iraq war without a deadline to end it. But behind closed doors Wednesday night, she was all business.

    With its members gathered in her office, she told the House's "Progressive Caucus" that she would vote against the war funding bill, but that she also had no choice but to facilitate its passage. Funds were running out for the troops, and she had promised to protect them. The Memorial Day break loomed, and without the money President Bush would have a week to hammer her party for taking a vacation while the Pentagon scrambled to keep its soldiers fed.

    Was she agonized over the situation? Sure, said Rep. Maurice D. Hinchey (D-N.Y.), who attended the meeting. But "we all feel that way," he added. "I feel that way, too. Are we going to just walk away now, or are we going to continue this process, to keep the pressure on?"

    Yesterday's vote to fund the war through September was a historical rarity: the passage of a bill opposed by the speaker of the House and a majority of the speaker's party.

    Two years ago to the day, then-Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) violated the "Hastert rule" -- that only bills supported by a majority of the majority can come up -- by bringing up legislation to allow federal funding for stem cell research. The majority of the Republican majority opposed the law. He voted against it, but he knew it would never become law over President Bush's signature.

    Over his objections and the opposition of most Republicans, Hastert did allow passage of campaign finance reform in 2002, but only because a petition drive was about to force the bill to the floor. The North American Free Trade Agreement passed in 1993, over the objections of most Democrats, who were then in the majority. But NAFTA did have the support of then-Speaker Thomas S. Foley (D-Wash.), as well as the Democratic president, Bill Clinton.

    In contrast, the Iraq funding bill was not only opposed by the majority of House Democrats, it was also ardently opposed by the speaker and even the lawmaker who drafted it, Appropriations Committee Chairman David R. Obey (D-Wis.). And it is destined to become law.

    "We don't relish bringing a package to the floor that we're not going to vote for," Obey conceded before last night's vote.

    Pelosi's agonized decision put her in the company of Foley, who in 1991 brought to the floor the resolution authorizing the Persian Gulf War and then voted against it, and Thomas Brackett Reed, a speaker in the 1890s who voted against the annexation of Hawaii, and then against the Spanish-American War, but allowed both to go forward.

    "To have the chairman and the speaker vote against a bill like this, I've never heard of it," Hastert said.

    But while protesters outside the Capitol condemned what they saw as a capitulation, Democrats inside were remarkably understanding of their speaker's contortions.

    Party leaders jury-rigged the votes yesterday to give all Democrats something to brag about. A parliamentary vote to bring the Iraq funding legislation to the floor included language demanding a showdown vote in September over further funding. A second vote allowed Democrats to vote in favor of funds for Gulf Coast hurricane recovery, agricultural drought relief and children's health insurance. Finally, the House got around to funding the war.

    Republicans cried foul over what they saw as an abuse of the legislative system, but Democrats saw brilliance in the legerdemain. And with such contortions came more appreciation for the efforts Pelosi was making to fund the war in a fashion most palatable to angry Democrats.

    "It was the responsible thing to do, and she's a responsible speaker," said Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (D-Calif.), who is personally close to Pelosi. "You can't just walk away."

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  • vallabhu
    08-07 11:24 AM
    Do I need to attach denial letter too.


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-14 08:20 AM
    Cuban-born Emilio Estefan has been one of the most well-known residents of my home town of Miami since my childhood. He was a member of the famous band The Miami Sound Machine and in the years since he has become a highly successful Latin music producer in South Florida's music community. Estefan has been nominated for 28 Grammys over the years and won 14 times. He's also the husband of fellow band member Gloria Estefan. And he is the producer of well-known Latin music stars Marc Antony, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin. And if life as a musician and producer...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/01/immigrant-of-the-day-emilio-estefan-musicianproducer.html)

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  • smsthss
    07-18 12:21 PM
    There is an article in AILA about VISA BULLETIN REVERSAL: NOW WHAT?. Does anybody have any access to that..


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  • sdckkbc
    12-29 10:52 AM
    I am working on H1B visa as full time employee (Business Analyst) for a global manufacturing company. After going throughforums I understand that as consulting employees need client letters, similarly full time employees need in house project documentation for visa stamping. I work in IT department of my company where we maintain applications and provide production support and there is no specific project that I am working on. Should full time employees must have in house project documentation for visa stamping? Will I have any problem if I tell VO that I provide production support and am not working on a specific 1 project?

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  • Saurabh_tulika
    06-01 02:23 PM
    Yes there is away to track your 140.

    Goto https://egov.immigration.gov/cris/jsps/index.jsp and create your profile and you will be able to track the process. THere is option to receive email from USCIS whenever there is a change in your file (you have to select that option)



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  • Bobby Digital
    November 24th, 2005, 11:33 AM
    How can I transfer a raw file into a jpg file in Photoshop? It only give me a few options-tiff., phtshp, ect... I want to upload a few pics and can't figure it out.


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-28 03:20 PM
    I just had a consultation this week with an engineer working on an H-1B for several years with one of America's best known companies. He's got an unusual skill set that makes him highly valuable to the company and he is a good candidate for eventually getting a green card, something he and his company both want to see happen. Unfortunately, he's in a green card category that will be backlogged for several yaers. But this fellow is facing a real problem. He has three teenage children and is facing paying out of state tuition costs for the universities in...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/06/wa.html)


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  • arunkk798
    03-18 09:25 PM
    Can some1 help me to sort out my problem:

    - I was working for a company A in L1-B which was about to expire by Dec 2006. So I applied for H1 and got the petition / application approved. I received the I94 also.
    - But due to some reason, I travelled back to India and didn't submit the H1-I94 @ the port of exit.
    - Now the same company A again processed me L1 in India and Im back to US after a yr. with the new L1 and never told any1 about my existing H1B visa

    I need to know whether can I start looking jobs on that H1B without legal procedures?
    Is there anything i have to do in order to activate my H1??

    Appreciate your feedback in advance....

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  • Blog Feeds
    04-30 10:20 AM
    MALDEF, the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Arizona and the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) have announced that they will hold a news conference tomorrow morning on the steps of the State Capitol in Phoenix to announce they will sue to overturn SB1070. The groups will challenge the law on constitutional grounds.

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/04/advocacy-groups-announce-plans-to-sue-arizona.html)


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  • iol_joh
    06-14 10:44 AM
    Thansk! will do that.

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  • Skelerex
    07-14 01:14 PM
    Well, I am a facebook fanatic!

    http://a.imageshack.us/img202/9861/tdc10facebook.gif (http://img202.imageshack.us/i/tdc10facebook.gif/)

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us)


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-17 12:40 PM
    The NY Times' Nina Bernstein reports on spouses of US citizens who are facing exile for technical and minor violations of their visa status. DHScomes off fairly sympathetically in the story - the implication is they were trying to help and the mean courts and the dysfunctional Congress are to blame. But ICE has a lot of discretion in deciding who to put in to deportation proceedings. They have been encouraged to look at the facts of every case and use common sense in determining which people to put in deportation proceedings. They are not obligated to put every person...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/05/from-the-department-of-do-you-feel-safer.html)

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  • arashe
    09-19 11:19 AM
    Hi Forum,

    My wife has an H1B visa which has been invalidated now because she had to travel to US with me on H4. Her petition seem to be valid. The I94 in her passport has H4 mentioned on it. Now we want to convert her visa back to H1. Since she has H1, I am wondering the H4 to H1 conversion process should be easier compare to applying fresh H1.

    It would be great if you guys let me know what is the process of converting this without going back to home country.

    I appreciate your help


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  • ras
    08-19 01:52 PM
    I remember some time back having seen a link where you could get the list of labors/I-140 for a particular employer. I am not sure if it is in http://www.flcdatacenter.com/ . Can some one point to the correct link where you could get the list of H1 or Labor or I-140s approved for an employer based on the company name?

    11-11 09:58 AM

    I am on H1b visa and it is expiring on Sep 2010. I heard that we need to apply for renewal 3 months before the expiry date,(i.e,June). I am planning to transfer my H1 to another employer. If I do so, will my H1 be automatically renewed during the transfer process? Also, If I transfer my H1 and go out of the country, do I need to get my visa stamping re-done when I come back to the country...


    10-30 02:31 PM

    Am I your prince? Am I not? Go ahead and Find out.
    Guaranteed never to work so expect loads of kisses :)



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