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  • Coffee-Drinker
    Apr 10, 06:07 AM
    So do you have AUS$330 just laying around on top of purchasing an office suite? ignore the fact that every time i have tried to use it there is zero integration - when I mean integration I mean, I click on 'insert' and bang, there it is - show me inserting citations through a third party tool in Pages that isn't the painful equivalent of putting a porcupine up my ass.

    No need for vulgar words. I just wrote, what worked for me, like many other people at many universities worldwide, the least frustrating. Why don't you try Endnote before lamenting? There is a trial version on their homepage to download. You could also ask at your university or the company of the app for a price reduction. Some universities give such programmes even for free. And before I forget, yes, academics have a tough job and it's often cumbersome work to write scientific papers.

    Btw, very few people write 150 page thesis. The vast majority go to university to complete their Bachelors or Masters, neither of them requiring the writing of 150 pages.

    Maybe I should have written it differently: Word is crashing more often and getting slower when your report gets more images/graphs/tables and more text. All other word processors I tried had less problems in this regard.

    I will definitely not argue with you about the number of people writing a thesis or how long a thesis should be. That would be childish. But please keep in mind that not all university courses have the same requirements and not everywhere in this world the anglo-american system is in use.

    I've tried it without any problems then again I don't stupid formatting and other crap. If you use the word-processor as one instead of treating it like a desktop publisher or some other tool then you won't have any problems.

    Would you please be so kind to keep your responses moderate? I have never written anything that led to the assumption I would use "stupid formatting and other crap" nor have I ever written anything about desktop publishing. I used a thesis as an example above, so let's keep it there. If you have ever seen a thesis, you know there is only few formatting. Still problems occur with MS Word. Others seem to experience them as well. If Word fits your bill, great. If not, all I want to say is there are other solutions at hand and, hey, they are not at all inferior. I dare to say, most are a better treat for your money. And as you imply, you are on a tight budget. So it would make sense to buy a cheaper word processor that can interact with your bibliography tool. You will have to buy the tool anyway, whatever word processor you use.

    On a side note, even if I would use Word as a desktop publisher, it would be common sense to expect flawless exchange to other versions of Word, regardless of what complicated formatting or "crap" I do and regardless of the underlying OS. Still MS manages to do a ridiculously lousy job in terms of compatibility with their own programmes, if on purpose or by carelessness for their customers, I can't say.

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  • mgehman
    Dec 2, 06:59 PM
    Ok, what no one has brought up here is the fact that many university researchers live and die by funding. Somebody paid for this study. Most of this stuff doesn't get done for free. What these wackos count on is that someone will pay even more for the follow-up study on God knows what. Some of the money for this may even be coming out of *gasp* your tax dollars. Go ponder that while you go out for your run.

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  • gloss
    Oct 13, 07:44 AM
    erg not really. you do only have 2 holes in your head as you say, but your hearing is more advanced than that. your brain always factors in all the other elements, like your head position, so your brain notices and calculates the volumes of incoming sounds, so you can distinguish where things are in relation to you. obviously, your brain can't do that with headphones.

    Look up Binaural sound. Sound these days can be mixed in such a way that, when output through a nice set of headphones, the effect is completely 3-dimensional. The sound technicians do all the fun stuff for you.

    It's really impressive, honestly. I've played with it a bit. Almost too real.

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  • marvel2
    Jun 9, 05:55 PM
    ^^ I'd like to know this also

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  • Gasu E.
    Apr 12, 11:15 AM
    IMO Apple built this giant datacenter in order to launch its own search engine to compete with Google. Why ?

    1) When Google launched Android, S. Jobbs became furious, saying that Apple respected Google and didn't try to go on the search market. He was calling for revenge. Soon after, Apple started to build this data center.

    2) Google is now a strong competitor to Apple, and Apple isn't free to not use (yet) Google's services, like their search engine, Google Maps and so on. Clearly, Apple can't consider that with an happy heart.

    3) This new datacenter is really much too big for just handling the few things rumors talked about : MobileME, video, etc. It's obvious they are watching bigger.

    How do you monetize Revenge?

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  • firewood
    May 4, 01:03 PM
    When is Apple going to figure out how to implement software patches instead of forcing people to download a whole copy of the OS for every little update?

    They have it figured out. But they certainly won't do it. Too many security implications of leaving any previous stuff behind. Too many previous versions to test and QA against which would slow down how soon we get updates even more. Plus more corruption risks of doing partial updates that could brick some devices (lots of reports on MR here of that happening with some MacOS X updates). Clean installs are almost always safer and more robust for the typical non-computer literate cell phone customer.

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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 11, 04:11 PM
    To be honest, you have just countered your own argument, none of the 3D technology is actually true 3D, its all illusions. They both have the 3D effect just done in different ways. I'm not saying the 3DS isn't great but it only gives the effect if you look straight at it.

    All I know is that this one hopefully will not give me a major headache:p that is one thing I can't seem to get over when I watch 3D on tv after say 30 or so minutes I start to get headaches (or eye strain never can be sure) so no thanks I rather have higher resolution than 3D any day. Now when do we get of this 3D and go 4K:D

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  • nanofrog
    Apr 19, 08:56 AM
    $140 3TB Drives x 10 = $1400.
    Even though it's only 10x disks (which would only allow for either a JBOD or RAID 0), consumer grade disks aren't the way to go for this much capacity used for primary storage. As the backup pool, consumer grade disks are fine due to the lower duty cycle (say 8 hrs per day on average).

    It's cheap, but it's not going to be reliable enough for a primary pool. Enterprise grade 3TB disks aren't cheap ($350 per, which is more than double the 5400rpm consumer versions, not quite that much for the 7200rpm consumer units; all 3TB units).

    Some might consider this splitting hairs, but I see it as a critical difference for the uptime requirement.

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  • mcmlxix
    Mar 24, 12:40 PM
    Wow, the Chinese must be cranking these out. I�m reminded of the Family Guy episode where Stewie is sewing in an Asian sweatshop, and the work director is yelling, �Faster. Faster. Replace him.� They wheel in a pregnant woman who gives birth in about a second, and in the next second, the kid is operating the sewing machine.

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  • Sdahe
    May 5, 09:30 AM
    I just Jailbreak my phone a week ago... no way I'm giving all that for an update

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  • odedia
    Apr 28, 12:36 PM
    I guess the question is are there enough iPhones out and about to provide good traffic data?

    I mean will there be enough iPhone 3GS/4/(whaever the new version is called), will the traffic information be sent in the background even if I never use the built in Apple application?

    Oh man, you have no idea! On the navigation map while driving, you see icons of other WAZE users around you, there are hundreds all around the map. I had so many occasions where I would stop at a traffic light and see so many icons around me, look to the sides and see other WAZE users with the app running in their car. :)

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  • Vghty
    Apr 11, 12:40 AM
    I�d like to back CoffeeDrinker here. Referencing software a specialized software packages. Most of them will meet a long list of requirement, including (1) access and download of citation data and original documents to a dozen or sometimes more than a hundred paid or free databases, (2) managing large sets of references, often including the PDF of the original, in a meaningful way, and (3) create citations and lists of references in new texts, according to one of dozen (sometimes >100) formats prescribed by journals. This is all complicated because scientific disciplines are very different in terms of ways to cite (often for good reasons): medical researchers quite different form historians, and economics quote different from electrical engineers. With this complexity and with the widely diverging user needs, it would not make sense to me to have this all integrated into an office suite like Office.

    While Endnote is certainly among the best known, there is a wide range of such programs, ranging in focus, functionality, and price (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_reference_management_software).

    I�d like to highlight Bookends, a Mac-specific program that is very reasonably priced and has served me and many other enthusiasts for already quite a while. Its developers offer great support and regularly implement needs expressed by their users. For students and other users that are on a tighter budget, Zotero offers a good open-source alternative.

    All the best, Rudi

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  • EagerDragon
    Oct 20, 05:48 PM
    You know, I wonder if this was leaked by Apple....... Just yesterday there was something about IE7 having anti-phishing capabilities. I wonder.....

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  • radhak
    Sep 9, 10:13 AM
    Hmm... How's it happening? My radio is off again. Are we as toothless as the score suggests?

    More like Langer and Hayden getting their act together.

    Of course, there does seem to be a case of 'lets not lose this one' on Vaughn's part.

    112/0, stopped for bad light.

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  • QuarterSwede
    May 4, 08:13 PM
    But I finally figured out how Apple gets you to keep updating... they always promise a battery fix along with the other crap you really don't care about. By now I should be running for 30 days on a single charge.
    Lol, no joke.

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  • acidfast7
    Apr 29, 10:54 AM
    Colors and sizes. Even better. Wow, you're digging deep man. And every statistical count of phones purchases count them as two phones: 3GS and 4

    But keep on pretending you're right, it's really quite amusing. I bet you're all red in the face right now.

    Not at all. Sales are determined and calculated by part numbers ... by any reliable firm, that is. Perhaps, you're not familiar with such practices? Maybe you spend too much time viewing simplified/dumbed-down blogs instead of actual sales/business forecasts. It's OK, at one juncture, all of us had to spoon-fed.

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  • appleguru1
    Oct 15, 06:27 PM
    As a parent of a college freshman, after having dealt with Windows computers for many years, I can't imagine sending the kid off to school with a Windows machine. So far, not one problem with his macbook, not one virus, not one problem with spyware. Not one problem with theft! ( I locked it to his desk and won't tell him the combination....) ( he did come home the other day asking where my skill saw was, however,.... Hmmmmmm.....)

    Now locking the computer to his desk and not telling him the combo seems a bit ridiculous.. you may as well have bought him an imac and gotten a faster processor, bigger screen, and paid less...

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  • KeithPratt
    Apr 14, 08:52 PM
    You can make an avchd edit and then when you have a picture lock, go back to the original, transcode automatically the footage you need, do your color correction and effects with the better files and export a pro res file or whatever you need.

    The only benefit to transcoding prior to effects/grading would be to aid system performance. It will not result in better image quality.

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  • Affirmed
    Apr 14, 05:06 PM
    Premature maybe. But I have an 8 core with 12 gigs of RAM (a poster child system spec for FCP currently not being able to take advantage of it) and I'm guessing:

    12 gigs of RAM + 8 cores + GPU optimization > 4 gigs of RAM + 1.5 cores.

    It might be a premature guess, but it's as safe a prediction as any I've ever made. ^_^

    There is a big difference between speed of app launch/render bar/save etc and speed of editing.

    All that hardware is great, but to that doesn't mean you can edit a piece quicker than you would with the current software on an older computer.

    If editing where about having the fastest system, anybody could buy their way in to a job. People get hired for their skills.

    Jan 10, 01:55 AM
    I feel vindicated that I bought my MB in December! I thought I'd be kicking myself!

    i bought a macbook in december, too! still, i would like to have purchased ilife 07 and iwork 07 sooner than later.

    Apr 17, 01:30 PM
    ..but still considering switching to AVID full-time for the known reliability factor...Not to scare you but reliability and Avid MC in certain aspects dont go together. Ive been on Avid MC since 2001 and can tell you that some days its a roll of a dice :P
    One tip, dont upgrade till youve read all the gripes on the Avid forum site. Which is sometimes months after initial update is deployed.
    Oh and yearly support means you have someone to call and bitch but dont expect your problem to be fixed quickly (sometimes never :P).
    Now since Im the end user and dont have to pay a dime, im good.
    But I ran my own shop and had to deal with support costs and yearly justifications (my dollar of course), then I welcome anything anyone has to offer at $299 USD (or $285 Canadian) ;)

    Mar 24, 11:34 AM
    Sorry but that's not the case, created an account just recently to provide my input on this issue on another thread. I am 3 iPads down with problems and still hoping the 4th will arrive with no leakage or dead pixels. I'm glad yours is "absolute fine" but if you do a search or just ask around you will find this is a widespread problem

    by the same token, its always easier to find the units with issues, if they sell one million units and 5000 of them have an issue thats a % any company would take

    Mar 7, 11:26 AM
    <img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5060/5505675736_a9ce9e1a18_b.jpg">

    Nice, do you have the link?

    April Dancer
    Sep 13, 05:26 AM
    Yeah but who wants to keep up with 2 when you could just buy one?

    I have to agree. I know it's not a big deal but I use my Shuffle primarily as a flash drive. It plugs in my computer when I get to work and I work from it. But I also keep enough tracks on it to bail me out on my journey home should its big iPod brother run out of battery power (I'm not very good at charging!). I wouldn't buy a new Shuffle just for music as it wouldn't get used enough but the music capability was handy to have.

    Having said that, I love the new look. :)



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