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  • cagedcactus
    11-19 02:18 PM
    I just checked that Nebraska is now processing cases from August 2007 for I 140 applications. Do these also indicate China and India?
    My pd for I 140 is in July, and I am from india. Should I be able to make a query since the dates have gone past my PD?
    thanks for any info....

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  • nozerd
    10-14 12:27 AM
    I am an EB3 INDIA PD:August 2001 expecting long wait for greencard.

    I am Canadian PR and have been offered job by my current company's Toronto office. Company will continue US GC process but till I get GC I will be in Canada on Canadian payroll so legally cant visit US on H1B visa.

    My spouse is doing a professional degree in US which will last another 2 ys. She has expired H4 visa stamp on passport. She will be applying for H4 --->F1 conversion.

    My question is can she return back to USA after visiting me in Canada using AVR ? She would be on F1 but with expired H1 on passport ? She will not apply for new visa in Canada and leave within 30 days.


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  • fatboysam
    11-02 10:13 AM
    Since I went out using continental airlines , so I shouldn't worry about it.

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  • gandalf_gray
    02-17 01:35 PM
    My L1B visa & petition with Company A runs upto Sep this year.
    I'm applying for H1B petition with company B this year.
    my current Company A will try to go for L1B petition extension, so that I can continue being here beyond september.

    My concern is if these 2 will clash with each other ?

    One of my friends said that whichever petition gets approved latest - will be the one that holds good.

    So if L1B extension gets approved after h1B, will that negate H1B ?
    and vice-versa ..

    Thanks in advance.


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  • wannagreen
    02-20 09:40 AM
    Here is my situation wrt to I 140 and EAD.

    1. I am on 6th year of H1 this year and my H1 expires on 30 Sept 2010. I have to apply for H1 extn this year.
    2. My employer started GC process (EB3) in 2006 on substitute labor of Aug 2005. He applied I 140 in April 2007.
    3. He applied EAD when they are current during June, July 2007 based on substitute labor. I and my wife got EAD eventhough my I 140 is pending.
    4. As old I 140 is pending he applied another I 140 with different EB3 labor for me in 2008 and both new labor and I 140 got apporved. He ported my A# of EAD card to this new I 140 showing as beneficiay on it.
    5. My old I 140 is still pending and USCIS didnt send any query on that till date. My employer is confident on getting approval of old I 140.

    Here are the questions I have:

    Can I work on EAD by taking full time jobs by applying AC 21? Does it safe to work on EAD?
    If my old I 140 gets any problem what are consequences with my GC process?

    Can anybody answer, Please.


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  • edaltsis
    10-08 12:14 PM
    My H1B expired when I renewed (last month) my EAD. I e-filed it and selected H1B "SPECIALITY OCCUPATION". I got my new EAD card in hand within 22days from the day I filed.


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  • kprgroup
    03-11 02:40 PM
    My wife (H4) & I (H1-B) have valid I94 and visa stamped in out passport for company A until AUG2010.Last September 2008, I have transferred my H1-B to Company B and it got approved and valid until same AUG 2010.Right now I am working for Company B on H1B

    When I moved to company B, My previous employer canceled my I140 that triggered 485 denied (For Both).Worked with a Lawyer and filed MTR and my (I am the primary applicant)MTR got approved back in Nov2008.I am still waiting for my wife MTR update. Online status still shows - Case received and pending. (For MTR)

    1) I am thinking of transfer my wife H4 to Company B. Is there any issue you guys (seniors) think of?

    2) One more question .We both has EAD valid until 09/2010. Both never used EAD. We got our EAD before our 485 denied. Now since my MTR got approved, the EAD is still valid?

    Please let me know. Thanks for everyone help


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  • WaitingYaar
    09-10 08:47 AM
    If H4 uses EAD for work with 485 pending, and if the underlying I-140 gets rejected, will this make H4 holder be out of status? what are the options for H4 holder.


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  • Blog Feeds
    03-22 12:20 PM
    Readers have been sending me the best links. Here's one from the latest issue of Newsweek: As the white house revives immigration reform�an issue the president is discussing with congressional leaders�it may want to ponder the effects of curbing foreign labor. While immigrants are blamed for dragging down American wages and stealing jobs, University of California, Davis, economist Giovanni Peri comes to a different conclusion. In a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, Peri trowels through nearly five decades of immigration data and finds that foreign workers have boosted the economy, jacking up average income without crowding out American...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/03/the-immigrant-dividend.html)

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  • Head2GC
    09-12 07:29 PM

    I got my I-140 Approved (EB3 - Jan 2004) with Company A. Can i use the approval notice and get my H1B extended for 3 years from a different company ? Please advice as this will help me a lot.

    Thanks in advance:confused::rolleyes:
    - Head2GC


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  • chantu
    11-14 04:42 PM
    No other fees. If you go to VFS site, everything is written there clearly.

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  • srarao
    06-09 06:52 AM
    Can somebody suggest me. Please


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  • bombay_rail
    06-19 12:06 AM

    In preparation to file I485, we just had medical tests and the doctor checked the box " Applicant does not meet immunization requirements" in my son's report citing the reason insufficient dates.

    What is the impact of this ? How this can be remediated ? Any suggestions by those who experienced similar situation would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • iamsachin
    11-06 01:33 PM
    I applied for my EAD and AP extension on AUG 17 2009 and my EAD was expiring on AUG 29th 2009. While my wifes EAD and AP got approved, I had an RFE as I had not sent the recent photographs so I sent that and the receipt date for that was OCT 9 2009.

    I continued working and got paid, after speaking to friends I realized, getting paid on a Expired EAD is not right.

    I have taken a infopass to discuss this with USCIS to get an update.

    One more point I wanted to make was that my payroll company doesn't know about this and doesn't care. But if I bring it up then .they might immediately terminate my employment.

    How do I fix this? Please suggest.


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  • Blog Feeds
    09-10 12:50 PM
    From Walter Ewing at the Immigration Policy Center: It would seem that the Center for Immigration Studies has decided to jump on the talk-radio bandwagon of far-right commentators who are loudly attempting to derail substantive health care reform through fear-mongering and falsehoods . Although CIS has so far steered clear of the baseless rants about �death panels� and �socialized medicine,� it has issued a new report that seeks to buttress an equally farcical claim: that health care reform will leave American taxpayers footing the bill for millions of unauthorized immigrants who will receive federally subsidized health insurance. Specifically, the report...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/09/ipc-targets-myth-that-immigrants-are-driving-the-health-care-crisis.html)

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  • karthiknv143
    02-27 05:31 PM
    Will be interesting to see what the CIR bill proposes.:confused:


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  • devikas81
    09-19 11:46 AM
    I am on similar situation like you....
    after usinig EAD with different employer other than GC sponser, can we come back to H1B again,
    Your answer will be highly appreciated,


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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-02 01:46 AM
    I wish I could, but I deleted the .psd, my bad :(

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  • ariedia
    07-24 10:54 AM
    I am an EB3 (rest of the world) -
    My I485 has a receipt date of 7/24/2007.
    The processing date TSC is showing is 7/16/2007.

    When my date comes up inside the Processing dates range, will the category be relevant for the approval? I am asking this question because I have a friend that is an EB2 and a receipt date of Sept 2007, and got his GC on December 2007...
    If the categories are relevant, how can we monitor the process (the processing dates then become irrelevant)...

    01-06 05:52 AM

    Following is my case details -

    Visa and I94 expiration date: 12 Sep 2009
    Filed H1 extension: 11 Sep 2009
    Extension denied: 18 Nov 2009
    Left US: 15 Dec 2009

    Refiled H1 Visa: 15 Dec 2009
    Visa apporoved: 22 Dec 2009

    What should my answer for following question in DS-156 as I left US within 30 days of receiving the denial letter?

    Have you ever violated the terms of a U.S. visa, or been unlawfully present in, or deported from, the United States?


    08-02 05:44 AM
    i like it



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