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  • sent4dc
    05-08 02:38 AM
    Hi everyone:

    Can someone suggest if I'm in a hot water over this issue. My company applied for the labor certification back in Dec. 2002. In the Labor Certification form they quoted 40 for the "Total hours per week". The LC was approved back in July of 2007. Later in Sept. of 2007 we filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently.

    In April of this year my company received an RFE for the I-140, where USCIS requested some additional translations and my W-2 forms for all the years of my employment. We've responded to it.

    So here's my question. Since 2002 my working schedule changed and now I work 32 hours per week, that is different than 40, which was included in the LC. It doesn't say anywhere in my W-2's, but one can easily see that I'm being paid less by doing some simple math.

    Do you think this would pose a problem and if so, what shall I do at this point?

    Thank you in advance!

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  • muthiahmerchant
    06-26 09:50 AM
    I am thinking of applying for 485 right now, and 5 months later for my wife. Do the dates have to current when I apply for my wife. or it does not matter. Has any one done this where they applied for 485 when dates were current but for spouse at a latter date when the dates were backlogged again.


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  • babu123
    07-17 07:55 PM
    I think this rule got changed now. We have to wait for EAD until it is issued. Now we cant go to their office after 90 days for getting EAD

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  • sw33t
    07-27 03:30 PM
    Please PM me if you are interested.


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  • EndlessWait
    10-18 11:26 AM
    it could be they found out ? i hope u sent ur pictures ..so it cant be that

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  • NolaIndian32
    05-07 10:47 AM
    anyone??? any help??


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  • Dr. Barry Post
    03-31 10:52 PM

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  • Blog Feeds
    09-08 07:20 PM
    New numbers are out on H-1B usage and the past week showed a substantial pickup in usage with more than 1700 numbers counted against the cap of 65,000. 36,600 H-1Bs have been counted now. I'm moving my exhaustion projection date up about two weeks. My target is based on a rolling four week usage average so variations from week to week are discounted. Usage over the last month has been about 1275 H-1Bs per week. On the masters cap of 20,000, the pace is pretty much the same with 400 petitions counted in the last week and total usage of...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/09/h-1b-exhaustion-target-march-8-2011.html)


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  • looneytunezez
    09-23 02:45 PM
    STOP opening mutliple threads for the same thing.

    HIRE ACT (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum99-tax-social-security-and-financial-issues-for-immigrants-and-nonimmigrants/1600435-hiring-incentives-to-restore-employment-hire-act.html)

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  • anilsal
    06-14 11:41 PM
    Why is everyone creating new threads? Just reuse some thread that is conveying this message.


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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    07-30 03:32 PM
    You will be able to move to a different employer with better job with better pay. If you are happy with ur current job still it cant proect you if ur current employer gors out of business and fires you.

    What are the benefits? Please explain.

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  • va_dude
    09-29 12:11 PM
    I think the PD is usually posted on the I-140. Right people?


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-01 01:00 PM
    The National Foundation for American Policy has put out a number of excellent reports on the state of American immigration and now they have two more. Family Immigration: The Long Wait to Immigrate Family immigration quotas are inadequate and result in separation and long waits for Americans, lawful permanent residents and close family members. Approximately 4 million people are waiting in family immigration backlogs, according to data obtained from the U.S. Department of State and Department of Homeland Security. The wait time for a U.S. citizen petitioning for a brother or sister from the Philippines exceeds 20 years. A U.S....

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/06/new-reports-from-nfap.html)

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  • TwinkleM
    01-11 12:47 AM
    Would appreciate the input on my querries by the attorneys & the people who has experienced similar situation.

    My spouse's Advance Parole is expiring in mid February 2010. He is pplanning to travel to India by mid - jan & return back by 3rd feb'2010.

    My questions is:

    1) Is the time gap of 15 days before the expiry of the AP is safe to re-enter USA?

    2) SHould he apply for the renewal of the AP before he leaves? If yes, then if the advance parole renewal approves before he re-enters the country, can he still re-enter on the old Advance Parole document or the old one gets automatically nullified?

    3) Should he be in the country during the time the advance parole approves?

    The situation is very urgent. Immediate feedback is highly appreciated.

    Thanx In Advance


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  • indo_obama
    05-13 04:01 PM
    Who is going to file the lawsuit.......

    would be immigrants wouldnt dare to ...... thats the way it goes

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  • manish217
    09-17 12:21 PM
    I got a labor substitution by Company A and filed I-140 and 485 through Company A in 2007. After I got EAD and my I-140 was approved and past 6 months I moved to company B in mid of 2008 and company B filed for AC-21, my role at company B is over and I have an offer for a lucrative job with Company C but the role is slightly different from the one listed in my labor petition. Company C is good but sceptical in filing AC-21 with the previous set of responsibilities. I have my EAD valid till early 2011. In case I move to Company C and company B revokes my application what is the situation that I can face? Will my EAD still be valid or will I loose status immediately? Can I continue working on my EAD with company C without filing AC-21?

    Please advice ... I have my career at stake and need your help on this issue


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  • LOL123
    11-24 03:58 PM

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  • roseball
    07-28 03:12 PM
    Hi..Can I transfer my H1B to someother company after receiving 3 year H1B extension based on approved I-140? Replies will be much appreciated.

    Yes, you can. You will get a fresh 3 yrs H1 based on your approved I-140.

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  • Macaca
    10-06 05:25 PM
    Lott Looking to Form New �Gang� (http://rollcall.com/issues/53_38/news/20338-1.html) By Erin P. Billings | Roll Call Staff, October 4, 2007

    In what could be a new incarnation of the successful bipartisan �Gang of 14,� Minority Whip Trent Lott (R-Miss.) hosted a meeting this week with a handful of the Senate�s most notable compromisers to figure out how to unclog the gridlock that has slowed the chamber�s progress this year.

    About half a dozen moderate and independent-minded Republicans and at least one Democrat � Sen. Ben Nelson (Neb.) � participated in the Members-only huddle, which was held quietly in Lott�s Capitol office Tuesday morning. Afterward, few Senators offered much detail, but several said there�s a feeling among them that the narrowly divided chamber no longer can operate at an impasse and they want to find ways to avoid the growing number of filibusters sidelining Senate legislation this year.

    �We�re seeing if there�s a way to bring some people together to bring some more comity to this place,� Nelson said.

    Lott declined to discuss the meeting or its goals, saying only: �I think I ought not say anything. Others are going to say too much, so I am not going to say anything.�

    According to other Senators, however, the discussion focused on how the deal-minded group could help avert the growing number of standoffs in trying to clear bills through the Senate this Congress. Most particularly, Senators said they vetted ways to work through upcoming fights on such issues as appropriations bills and stalled judicial nominations such as that of Leslie Southwick, Lott�s home-state pick for the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Southwick narrowly cleared the Judiciary Committee last summer but has yet to come up for full Senate consideration. The White House and Republican Senators have been trying to corral 60 votes to advance his confirmation, but are still shy of meeting that mark against powerful Democratic opposition.

    �It�s about creating a better environment to get things done for the country,� said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who participated in the meeting. �We need to get back to being a deliberative body.�

    �We�re going to see if we can work beyond the logjam,� said Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), who also was there and described it as the �beginning of a process.�

    Graham, Nelson and Snowe were members of the previous Congress� bipartisan Gang of 14, a group of seven Democrats and seven Republicans who assembled in the face of a bitter partisan Senate standoff over movement of President Bush�s judicial nominees. The group brokered a historic deal to allow for votes on certain stalled Bush picks in exchange for keeping the minority�s option to use the filibuster intact.

    That group didn�t formally involve Lott as one of its members, but the then-rank-and-file Mississippi Senator was a primary force behind the scenes leading to its creation. Lott stepped away after the gang officially formed.

    Nelson wouldn�t say this week whether Tuesday�s meeting was a step toward

    re-creating a similar bipartisan coalition, calling the Gang of 14 �unique.� But the Nebraska Democrat did suggest there are clear parallels in terms of the two groups� goals.

    �It�s just a conversation at this point,� Nelson said. �We�re trying to see if there�s an interest in building support for moving legislation and to avoid having as many cloture votes as we�ve had and moving legislation along.�

    So far this year, the Democratic majority has called to invoke cloture, a lengthy procedural roadblock that has markedly slowed down Senate action on a whole host of bills, some 56 times. Democrats have argued they are forced to do so against an intransigent 49-seat GOP minority, while Republicans have insisted it shows that Democrats are trying to ram through legislation without their input.

    Although not all showed up, sources indicated that about 10 Senators were asked to take part in Tuesday�s meeting. In addition to Lott, Nelson, Graham and Snowe, GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Bob Corker (Tenn.), John Warner (Va.), John McCain (Ariz.), Gordon Smith (Ore.) and Norm Coleman (Minn.) were invitees.

    Although not in attendance Tuesday, Coleman said discussions abound among rank-and-file Senators about how to �fix things� and break some of the legislative stalemate. He added that it�s not a surprise that Lott � one of the Senate�s most notorious deal-makers � would lead the charge.

    �It�s a legitimate concern,� Coleman said of the gridlock. �We�re all impacted by the failure of being able to do the things that people sent us here to do.�

    07-02 06:35 PM
    To the experts on this forum

    I applied for EAD and since last 4 months no action has been taken by TSC on my application. After 90 days, the local office gave me an interim EAD for 3 months. I have also initiated a status enquiry by the customer service at USCIS but haven't rec'd any updates till now. My question here is

    1. What other options do I have, since from Oct 1, 06 local office won't issue interim EAD's as a policy change by USCIS.
    2. Can I apply concurrently for second application. It seems my first application is lost.

    Has anyone earlier been in same boat and has taken any other steps.
    Thanks in advance.

    12-10 09:00 PM
    yes you do - they process it pretty quickly. check out www.britainusa.com



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