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    06-05 01:20 PM
    The May 20, 2009 Memo from Barbara Velarde, Chief of USCIS Service Center Operations, (�Velarde Memo� or �Memo�) provides some important guidance to adjudicators on the requirements for H-1B beneficiaries seeking to practice in certain health care occupations, which is of significant import to occupational therapists ("OTs") and physical therapists ("PTs"). The crux of this guidance is as follows: advanced degrees are not required for health care professionals enumerated under 8 CFR 212.15(c) (including OT and PT candidates) applying for the H-1B nonimmigrant visa classification�thereby reversing a recent trend of USICS in denying H-1Bs for OTs and PTs who do...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/h1bvisablog/2009/05/velarde-memo-issues-new-guidance-to-adjudicators-on-requirements-for-h-1b-beneficiaries-seeking-to-practice-in-certain-heath.html)

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  • k3GC
    07-02 12:16 PM
    How come a govt. organization that is never known to do things on time, all of sudden is able to approve 60000 GCs in such a short period ? Why did they have to do it by end of June ? If they had done that by end of July would anything have been different for the folks who were getting the Green Cards - NO.

    I think this was all planned. There was a reason why the numbers were made current and there is a reason why the numbers became unavailable.

    I think we should get to the bottom of this. This stinks ......

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  • GCwaitforever
    03-20 05:25 PM
    I sent a howler to some Chinese friends and Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam/Kannada groups and . :) Let the owls return.

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  • Sandeep
    02-07 05:54 PM
    Do we have anyone here who has experience with Banner creation for website ads? I mean creation of animated GIF s etc. Please respond in this thread. Your help is appreciated!


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  • Pallavi79
    06-16 11:50 AM
    TSC 485 processing date says Aug 17,2007.
    Does it mean, they reviewed almost all cases before Aug 16,2007?

    My receipt date is Aug 13,2007. Notice date is Oct 10,2007.
    So wondering whether they touched my case or still not?

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  • lucas92
    05-02 01:54 AM
    Nice. I HEART Family Guy! Yah!


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  • martinvisalaw
    08-07 12:20 PM
    I have H 1B VISA but never went to USA....
    1) now if i want to go there... will there be any problem
    2) if I want to apply for another VISA work or Tourist... will i get?

    You should not have a problem getting a different visa to come to the US to work or visit, assuming you qualify for the new status. It's not unusual for someone to get a visa that they never use.

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  • g1FTP
    10-20 11:26 PM
    I am planning to go for visa stamping soon. This will be by 7th year extension. I have the following questions. Thanks for reading my post and for replies.

    1) Recently my title changed from "member of technical staff" to "senior member of technical staff" and I got a pay increase. But the job duties is the same. I don't think this needs H1 amendment. Does it ? I also hope that this will not affect the green card processing.

    2) This may be a dumb question. I have the approved I-797 but the online status still shows as pending. Since I know at least one USCIS database is not updated, is there a reason to suspect PIMS delay when I go for stamping ? I am planing to go for stamping in Chennai, I assume there is no way to check beforehand. Did anyone else experience the same (online status not updated) and face any delays due to PIMS.


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  • roseball
    03-24 01:05 AM
    Since 6 months earlier he was on H1, he wont be counted in the quota....

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  • Macaca
    06-19 07:30 AM
    House Delays Thorny Energy Issues (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB118221331128639861-search.html?KEYWORDS=immigration&COLLECTION=wsjie/6month) By John J. Fialka, The Wall Street Journal, 19 June 2007

    WASHINGTON -- Facing a tight deadline imposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leaders of the Energy and Commerce Committee postponed until the fall House debates on several controversial energy issues, including tougher standards for automobile fuel efficiency.

    It wasn't immediately clear what impact the House move toward a simplified, less-controversial energy measure will have on the Senate version of the bill. The Senate is scheduled to debate auto-efficiency standards and a mandate for coal-based liquid fuels on the floor this week.

    Rep. John D. Dingell (D., Mich.), chairman of the House committee, and Rick Boucher (D., Va.) chairman of the subcommittee that is preparing its energy legislation, jointly announced they will focus on less-divisive issues, including energy-efficiency standards for appliances, improvements to the nation's electricity grid and incentives for use of wind power.

    "This procedure . . . was discussed with the speaker, and she understands the rationale for proceeding this way," the two Democrat leaders said, "so we can rapidly work on a bipartisan bill that can be signed into law."

    The turnaround by Rep. Dingell, who has defended Detroit automakers against fuel-saving standards for years, comes as automakers have launched a nationwide lobbying campaign to water down proposed tougher auto-efficiency standards. Rep. Dingell promised to return to the issue in the fall, when the committee is also planning legislation that would regulate carbon dioxide and other emissions that scientists say are accelerating global warming.

    While the Senate appears to be pressing ahead, it could face filibuster threats on the auto-efficiency standards and several other items, requiring 60 votes to overcome, a margin that may not be attainable. "One of the questions being discussed is which body goes first with some of these things," a House aide said.

    "We have decided to proceed with provisions that represent consensus," Messrs. Dingell and Boucher wrote. The energy subcommittee is scheduled to assemble its new version of the energy bill this week, and the House could debate the completed bill after the July 4 recess. Earlier, Speaker Pelosi (D., Calif.) had asked for an "Energy Independence" bill by July 4.

    The House committee also deferred discussion of a low-carbon-fuel standard, similar to California's, which would mandate increasing use of ethanol and other fuels that result in lower CO2 emissions. Another postponed issue is a change in federal law that would block California from establishing its own CO2 emissions standards for vehicles.

    The two committee leaders said they were postponing debate because the issues "are complex and difficult."

    Democrats are deeply split, with representatives from auto-producing states fighting tougher emissions standards, and the California delegation and liberal factions pushing for them. Coal-state Democrats and environmentally inclined Democrats are on opposite sides over coal-to-liquid fuels, which would emphasize diesel and jet fuels made from coal, a fuel the U.S. has in abundance.


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  • crystal
    08-27 04:24 PM
    I guess that is also H1B as H1B for non-profit organizations does not fall under yearly quota .they can get H1B anytime , so no need to wait til Oct.

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  • amoljak
    03-24 09:28 AM
    This report is about low skilled workers. IV (I think) is about addressing the EB immigration, which is mostly about highly skilled workers. So I don't see how this applies here...


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  • idli_vada
    07-01 07:01 PM
    I need to find out what documents I need to send after I file I-765 online. DO anyone has the experience in this matter. I filed my I-485 and at tht time i did not filed my I756 just to avoid lawyer's fee.

    The form says I need to send a copy of I-94 and photo thats all, but the confirmation notice I received after filing the form online said that do not send any photo's or any identification document and the notice said that they will sent me a Biometric appointment.

    DO anyone has info on this

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  • lelica32
    02-07 10:17 AM
    I have a question:
    Can a Employer who have a smoll business, a Residential Care Facility with 6 Elderly, to apply for me for a H1B Visa?. He need me as a social service Manager, with a bachelor degree.



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  • mk1711
    10-09 01:56 PM
    I want to change my employer from A to B. B has filled for h1b transfer on 26-sept-2007 (I have fedex tracking number). Till today (9-oct-2007) we hv not received the receipt notice.

    My expected start date was 1-oct which has been extended twice, i.e 8th & then 15th. If receipt does not come will 15th, then can I join the new employer?

    Is there any way I can find out the file position/status using fedex tracking number?

    Can new employer file one more application for h1 transfer under premium process?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • kalinga_sena
    06-05 05:19 PM
    You can go to Mexico - Please follow the links for more info.



    They will provide you all the help you need to go to Mexico like Visa, transportation etc

    Hope this help.


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  • pom
    09-26 10:54 AM
    I like it. It makes me feel dizzy, but I like it.

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  • GC_Applicant
    07-15 11:28 AM
    People, please sign the above petition to Chertoff.

    We need lot more people to sign it. It wont taken more than a minute.

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  • gc_eb2_waiter
    03-20 01:29 PM
    It may be system glitch.

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    12-10 05:20 PM
    On November 27, the USCIS announced that they had received 58,900 H-1B petitions toward the 65,000 cap. So there are 6,100 numbers remaining, correct? (Update: By December 4, the USCIS had received 61,100 H-1B petitions toward the 65,000 cap.) Not exactly. We have Free Trade Agreements with both Singapore and Chile which set aside 6,800 "H-1B1" numbers for nationals of those countries. Do the math: 65,000 minus 6,800 equals 58,200. This means that the agency has received 700 more H-1B petitions than it can approve. Why then is the USCIS still accepting H-1B petitions? Because some of the petitions that...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/carlshusterman/2009/12/why-uscis-is-still-accepting-h1b-petitions.html)

    09-25 09:54 PM
    Recently i have joined a new employer after my H1 transfer has been applied, today i have recieved approval notice and its approved until October 15 2007,
    were has my previous h1 was valid until October 2008. Please help how should i proceed ?



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