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  • ashley judd fan mail

  • willigetgc?
    11-12 10:56 AM
    How many weeks of all possible unpaid leave can i avail while on EAD ?

    Did you apply late or is there a delay in processing? Which center did you send your renewal to?

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  • Ashley judd in norma jean.

  • Blog Feeds
    03-22 12:20 PM
    Readers have been sending me the best links. Here's one from the latest issue of Newsweek: As the white house revives immigration reform�an issue the president is discussing with congressional leaders�it may want to ponder the effects of curbing foreign labor. While immigrants are blamed for dragging down American wages and stealing jobs, University of California, Davis, economist Giovanni Peri comes to a different conclusion. In a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, Peri trowels through nearly five decades of immigration data and finds that foreign workers have boosted the economy, jacking up average income without crowding out American...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/03/the-immigrant-dividend.html)

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  • Ashley Judd Hair: curly hair

  • manderson
    03-14 08:27 PM
    so what are the EB provisions that will affect us?

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  • Ashley judd tapered off Talk

  • virtual55
    03-20 03:22 PM

    guys if any of you are members of the above organizations request them to send a mass email to their members about Immigration Voice. If you have any links of other organizations post them here and contact them.

    Here is the email format:



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  • Ashley Judd: Short and Lively

  • qasleuth
    05-31 02:14 PM
    Try this:


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  • Ashley Judd Magazine

  • eb3_nepa
    03-20 01:29 PM
    me 2


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  • /2011/05/ashley-judd-short

  • milind70
    07-25 12:53 PM
    Anybody filed Un Signed Labor Substitution?

    Since the cut off date was Jul 17th my attorney filed un signed Labor substitution with I-140.

    Any experince any body has, I request you to share that here.

    Chance of denial or rejection is very high if the Labor substitue application is not signed by the applicant.

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  • ashley judd hairstyles

  • karen77
    12-10 12:58 PM
    hello! i overstayed my visa by several years, left , and was able to get a new tourist visa and enter the u.s.
    after leaving the u.s, on return,i was denied enterance, removed and banned for 5 years. my boyfriend lives in u.s, he's a citizen. is a fiance visa helpful to allow me in until we get married? is there even a chance? or do we need to marry outside of the u.s in this case? thank you!


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  • ashley judd hairstyles

  • Syous
    07-10 04:33 PM
    i am voting for this one, period.

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  • Ashley Judd Haircuts For 2011

  • prdgl
    06-28 01:41 PM
    Can a person join a new employer for doing his LC, based on already sent out ads ???

    what they are telling me is that the ad is very general for EB2 which was sent out even before one joined the company. so my question would be that can a person go ahead and use the already sent out ads or one should raise some red falgs, not to go for it ???

    please Drop in some of your knowledge on this...


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  • (view original image)

  • fatjoe
    10-18 11:11 AM
    Is there any body who have I485 filed at TSC and EAD and AP filed at NSC. If it is so, will that create problem in getting that EAD card? Since, they check 485 filing for EAD card production. Please advice.

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  • SlowRoasted
    06-21 01:22 PM
    not bad, needs a price on it


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  • ashley judd hairstyles

  • pachinko
    06-24 03:49 PM
    Hi all, I have a question regarding my current situation. I'm currently working for this non-profit organization under my OPT that is good until the end of Oct of this year. My question is basically whether or not I can ask my employer (already agreed) to petition for me for an H1-b visa? Can I still apply right now before my OPT expires or would it be better to apply next year on the first day of April? If I can get an approval for my H1-b would it be good to get a TN in the meantime and later have my employer petition me for an h1-B then?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to waste the opportunity to apply if I can get one at this time. I heard is better and easier to apply for one while under OPT than TN to H1-B but I'm not sure or rather confused about this!

    Thanks in advance.

    Pachinko Dude

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  • Teen Hairstyle Ashley Judd

  • Robert Kumar
    04-03 09:32 PM
    My sister, as part of submitting documents for her fiance visa application, recently got a birth certificate. However, it doesn't have her name on it. Odd as it sounds, the municipality says that this is common practice. It just has the name of the parents.

    Is this acceptable for a fiance visa? Thanks.

    Yes, if her parents are sponsoring for his visa :)


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  • Ashley Judd Sunglasses

  • memyselfandus
    11-09 06:53 PM
    It does not matter. If a query comes, the employer should be able to vouch for you that you are still an employee of the company.

    Moreover Greencard is future employment and hence technically you donot have to worry.

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  • 2010 Ashley Judd Short

  • gparr
    November 24th, 2005, 12:00 PM
    How can I transfer a raw file into a jpg file in Photoshop? It only give me a few options-tiff., phtshp, ect... I want to upload a few pics and can't figure it out.


    Image, Mode, then convert from 16 bits/channel to 8 bits/channel. Then try to save as a jpeg.


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  • Ashley-Judd-Hairstyles

  • senk1s
    10-10 05:23 PM
    i know 2 people jul 2 filers are still waiting
    called on oct 3rd - asked to wait some more time (not in database)

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  • dns2828
    09-21 11:06 AM
    I took the citizenship test, biometic now the second time .passed it 2 1/2 years ago . I was told the immigration did not have my filed . So Wait. Went to immirgation office 3 times. no result . Case under review ????? what is that mean????? Am confused ... No one can tell me what was going on . I have done no wrong. pay my taxes....
    I even write to my congress woman , no reply .. so sad
    Where should I go .... . please advise . thanks

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  • featuring Ashley Judd.

  • sinha
    01-06 09:14 PM

    I traveled to India and came back on 22nd Feb'2009. I am on EAD and travelled on AP.

    At the immigration, I got I-94, which the officer stamped till Feb 21, 2010 (parolled until). However, my EAD is valid till (7th August,2010) 08/07/2010 (mm/dd/yyyy).I got my AP renewed till Dec'2010. Shall I be concerned about my I-94 till Feb21, 2010 (need to renew it?) or it doesn't matter as my AP is renewed and will renew my EAD 3 months before it expires? Pls answer.


    November 9th, 2005, 03:32 PM
    Hey All,

    Does anyone know how to determine the thread size of a lens?


    07-24 04:30 PM
    I see lot of excitement about asking USCIS about filing for I-485
    even when visa numbers are unavailable. I am afraid this may
    not work.

    The ombudsman report 2005 was very critical about temporary EADs being issued to "potential terrorists" without proper background check. Filing for I-485 and getting EAD is like a limbo state btween GC and H1B. This approach may not gain much support.

    (1) How about proposing that they should do FBI name check with I-140?
    This is the petition for immigrant visa.

    (2) Those who have approved I-140 but haven't filed for I485 due to
    retrogression can apply for FBI name check separately.

    (3) These added "security measures" will boost our chances of getting them OK to file for I-485 even when PD is not current.

    the argument that FBI name check is valid only for a breif period is stupid, but it may be forthcoming. The response is what if some one commits terrorism 6 months after getting GC:D



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