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  • kghoshal
    08-17 01:02 AM
    I am on H1B 8th year extension, my priority date is September,2004. When I join new employer, Will I lose my current priority date as well as LC?

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  • Jerrome
    03-17 04:39 PM
    I don't know about pre-2003 and 2004 for INDIA, but

    2005 - 9000 (Total EB2 & EB3)
    2006 - 15008 (Total EB2 & EB3)
    2007 - 24573 (Total EB2 & EB3)

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  • admin
    01-09 10:34 AM
    Good point file485. I will work on it immediately after finishing the WebFax feature.


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  • Seek_Gc
    11-03 10:42 AM



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  • mikrupee
    12-03 03:14 PM

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  • someuser
    05-23 03:15 PM
    Could one of the lawyers/expert please provide their opinion on my situation?

    In 2004, my H1B extension was denied and later on approved in Nunc Pro Tunc. The nunc pro tunc process took a total of 64 days and when approved my I-94 was NOT back dated. Hence, I do not have I-94 for 64 days. Later on in July 2007, I filed for my I485.

    Since my approval, I have not traveled outside the country and I am currently on EAD based on my pending 485.

    The question I have, it's bothering me a lot, Will the gap in I94 for 64 days cause any problems in my I485 approval?

    Please advise.



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  • saminny
    12-13 12:57 PM
    I have been in H-1B status for 4+ years. This year, I started attending full time college and had applied for transfer of status from H-1B to F-1. However, my application is still pending with USCIS. Since I need to travel home urgently, I was wondering what steps should I take before leaving so that my status is not affected. Because if I travel abroad, I will be applying for new F-1 at a US consulate, do I need to cancel my application with USCIS here before leaving? Are there any consequences of keeping my application pending here.

    Any advice is very much appreciated.

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  • gcgalore
    12-19 05:31 PM
    Gurus, I am on H-1B visa doing a project with 'abc' client who is the client of 'X' company and pays to my H-1B employer 'Y', I get paid from 'Y'. I started on this project on H-1B visa but now I have EAD(spouse of primary applicant) and want to change my status to EAD. The X company says that they have non compete agreement with Y company(my employer) and can't bring me on board unless I get email from my employer stating they have no objection me moving to EAD. My employer is not ready to give me that email(for obvious reasons.. after all it is a desi employer).
    I want to find out if there is a way out..also I never signed any agreement with my employer..in fact I don't even have a copy of offer letter. The only agreement I have is with X company that I can't go back to the same client for one year, the day I end this project. I am based in Boston MA.


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  • cfa
    05-18 08:58 PM
    www.analystforum.com is the right place for it.

    Thank you sir!

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  • gccovet
    11-03 10:06 AM

    I have applied for GC in Aug '07. I recently renewed my H1-B (7th year). I noticed that there is a mistake in the A# of my Green card application (Beneficiary #) on the H1-B approval notice.

    Has any one else had this happen? Does any one know what can be done regarding this?

    Thanks for your help

    you will have to get it corrected, ask you lawyer to file the correction form ( i don't remember the form# top of my head).


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  • Vexir
    05-08 11:24 PM
    hehe okay i''l try

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-26 09:00 AM
    A fat report and one with some helpful recommendations and statistics. Here are some of the more interesting items I found - - Of the top 150 H-1B employers, 24 were deemed H-1B dependent (a high percentage of workers on the H-1B) and 9 had prior H-1B violations. - Real earnings growth for US workers in occupations with proportionately more H-1B workers - particularly IT - was actually much stronger than the general US worker. - Engineers and IT professionals on H-1Bs were more than twice as likely as their US counterparts to have advanced degrees. - The proportion of...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2011/01/government-accountability-office-releases-report-on-h-1b-program.html)


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-24 01:10 AM
    From Public Policy Polling: Our poll of the Texas Governor's race this week is another data point indicating possible backlash for Republican candidates this fall in the wake of the Arizona immigration law. When we polled the race in Februrary Rick Perry led Bill White by 6 points. The race is tied now, and the movement since the previous poll has come completely with Hispanic voters. With white voters Perry led 54-35 then and leads 55-35 now. With black voters White led 81-12 then and leads 70-7 now. But with Hispanics Perry has gone from leading 53-41 in February to...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/06/arizona-law-could-cost-gop-texas-governors-race.html)

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  • sk76012w
    06-22 09:30 AM
    You can enter all the data, save it and book your date as and when it becomes available. I did it recently for Chennai. But, if you do not book the date within one week of saving your forms, you have to enter the data once again. For Chennai, they normally open the dates 3-4 weeks in advance.


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  • tselva
    07-20 11:30 AM
    You can transfer your H1 to another company and you will get extension of same validity period (check your I94 Expriry period).

    You can retain the priority date of your labour when you file I-140 in the new company.

    By the way, why dont you start your I485 process now in the current company? You have lived with them for so long, 6 more months after applying I485, may not be a matter I think.....

    Do not take a wrong decision.

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  • solaris27
    08-07 09:13 AM


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  • Raju
    07-12 08:00 AM
    sorry if this link has already been posted elsewhere (this is my 1st day @IV)

    Yes a few times since yesterday. Please change the thread name to something specific. Welcome to IV and please contribute.

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  • kashyapjv
    07-19 03:06 AM
    During the month of June, when the dates were announced in July Bulletin, that all the EB are CURRENT, we were prepared to apply. But my wife has some health issues and after the July2nd news, she left to India for Treatment. As per doctors now she can't travel till end of August. My questions are:
    1) If I apply for my I-485, at what stage in I-485 can i add my wife as a dependant so she also gets her EAD and AP along with me?
    2) Somewhere on the internet, I have seen that I can apply for my spouse's Green card 180 days after my Green card approval also as long as we were married before my I-485 was applied. Is this true? Can someone please confirm?
    3) Curretnly my wife is on H-1B and she still has 5more years on it. Can I apply for her I-485 once the dates open up again?

    Please advice as what are the best options?

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  • file485
    07-22 05:46 PM
    Hello all

    My wife dint work for a while on H1 status,but changed back to H4 after working for 6 months with change of status from H1 to H4 at INS..so currently she is on h4..

    Will there be an issues during adjustment of status thru at 485 stage..will her details be checked in..?

    07-25 08:56 PM
    I filed 485 on July 2nd with an EAD with receive notice date of march 2007. it is not approved yet. Will I get an EAD even before the I140 is approved or should the I140 be approved for the EAD to be issued.


    09-21 11:18 PM
    谢谢! for coming and 我们来自许多国家不仅印度!

    Chinese friends! Please post ideas on how to increase the Chinese membership at IV and how to engage our dear Chinese members! You are SO VITAL!!!! Let's all work together! What are your ideas?



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