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  • ApixDesigns
    08-29 11:26 PM
    well this took me about an hour or 2 and if anyone wants the psd to add a car and a house or something in the grass thats fine by me, just pm me for details.


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  • Silvermanto
    05-26 06:23 AM
    Hi I'm a US citizen and have around 15k or less credit card debt. All government loans were paid off. Something happened three and a half years ago in my home town and I had to leave Washington state and took care of it. So my question is: it's has been 3 and a half year and I'm heading back to washington state for short visit.
    1. I'm sure the debt did gall into collection agency. Will it go to court?
    2. Since I had been gone since 2007 and will there be a warrant on me since I didn't appear to court (if there was one)
    3. I will be entering Vancouver bc airport then to Seattle by driving. I'm afraid I will get caught for warrant at the border.

    Hopefully someone can answer my questions and thanks for the help in advance.

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  • aristotle
    07-19 03:45 AM
    My wife couldn't get Xray on a failed TB skin test, because she was pregnant at the time we filed our 485. Our priority date will be current in August.

    Should we wait for a RFE on her medicals? Or is it possible to go ahead and do it, and send an update to USCIS?

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    02-06 07:13 AM


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  • Scythe
    10-15 07:37 PM
    I'm sure some poor forum member had that idea and now isn't gonna submit it because of this :grin:

    They probably thought they'd win too.

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  • stefanv
    08-03 07:13 AM
    Thankx mate :D


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  • rdehar
    07-16 02:46 PM
    Thanks sachug22.

    I don't know when EB3 is going to be current for me, this gives something to weigh my options against.

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  • thomachan72
    03-09 11:00 AM
    No change in this one.:D:D


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  • Blog Feeds
    08-03 12:50 PM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    Take 15 minutes today and watch this very moving Frontline documentary about the devastating effect of the Postville, Iowa ICE raid on the town and on the two villages in Guatemala where the immigrants came from. http://bit.ly/GWBVu[/URL]

    The Postville operation was the largest ICE raid in U.S. history and resulted in the arrest, detention, and convictions of nearly 400 undocumented workers, most of whom were poor, uneducated Guatemalan farmers.

    It makes me wonder what Iowa leaders are doing to help the people of Postville, who now live in economic ruin; especially Senator Tom Harkin, who has never condemed the unjust Postville prosecutions nor visited the town since the raid, yet recommended Stephanie Rose, one of the lead Postville prosecutors, to be U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Iowa.https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/186823568153827945-87808768427206364?l=ailaleadership.blogspot.com

    [url=http://ailaleadership.blogspot.com/2009/08/tale-of-two-villages.html]More... (http://bit.ly/GWBVu)

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  • abhaykul
    09-10 09:27 AM
    If H4 uses EAD for work with 485 pending, and if the underlying I-140 gets rejected, will this make H4 holder be out of status? what are the options for H4 holder.

    If I 140 is rejected then the EAD,AP and I 485 are rejected as well. If you have used EAD then ur H4 is no longer valid ! You will have to go out of the country and get H4 stamped.
    So the recommendation is to keep H status alive till you get Greencard


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  • Blog Feeds
    02-01 08:20 AM
    South African-born Dave Matthews, the lead singer of rock band the Dave Matthews Band is having a great year with his most recent album, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King nominated this evening for a Grammy for Album of the Year. Matthews gave a great performance at the Haiti telethon last weekend with Neil Young. He's been active in a number of other charities helping farmers, Hurricane Katrina victims and victims of the Virginia Tech shooting (Matthews' hometown is Charlottesville, Virginia). Matthews is also an actor and has been in a number of movies including Because of Winn-Dixie, a favorite...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/01/immigrant-of-the-day-dave-matthews-musician.html)

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  • a_yaja
    01-17 04:23 PM
    My company is converting my L1B to a L1A.I wanted to know if i can apply for a green card independently after my L1A has bee approved or does my company needs to process that application.


    All Employment Based green card has to be petitioned by the employer. So in your case, you would need to ask you employer to start the process. Only exception are people with "extrodinary ability" (the David Beckham's and Michael J Fox's) and people who fall under "National Interest Waiver" category (EB1 only - people who hold a Ph.D.).


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  • juan
    09-06 04:39 PM
    Will it not affect the green card processing? I mean, if during the green card process, they ask for the ITR and they see the additional income from the rental property, won't they deny the I-140 or I-485?

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  • kghoshal
    08-17 01:02 AM
    I am on H1B 8th year extension, my priority date is September,2004. When I join new employer, Will I lose my current priority date as well as LC?


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  • GCard_Dream
    03-25 01:59 PM
    I just need to ask one more time. Please advise if you know any good immigration attorney in Arizona.

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  • poorslumdog
    09-11 07:33 PM


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  • indyanguy
    09-03 12:07 AM
    Theoretically, it's possible. However, if there is a Ability 2 Pay issue during 485 adjudication, would you be able to take care of it?

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  • trictrac
    08-04 03:50 PM
    Will try to shorten the story.

    I was with ABC consulting company and had applied for GC (and got perm and 140 approved). My contract with client ended. Though ABC were good but they could not get me a project so I had to shift to another company. I talked to ABC to get my GC proceeding with extra cost. They said (and attorney also) said my 485 has been filed. As the ABC had changed their name also, as notification for I-140. They also insisted to join back.

    My new company layoff quite a lot of people. Needless to say, me also. Now my easy option is to join them back, but is there any possibility that to make me continue to work for them, they can do mess up in GC process?

    May be question is quite personal, please suggest whatever cmes to your mind.


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  • aadimanav
    06-03 11:41 AM
    This is my third EAD renewal. My 485 is pending at NSC. I am in CA. All my previous EADs/APs etc were filed at NSC.

    This time when my EAD renewal is filed (by my new attorney, in new company) I got receipt Number starting with MSC.

    Who decides where to file MSC? What's the criteria to file at MSC? Shouldn't it be file at NSC?

    Is this a mistake?

    09-30 04:29 PM

    Need some help here for my friend.

    He is an employee of company A and his first 3 yrs H1 is ended say Sep
    25, 2009. But he was already got a new H1 approved 1 month back from
    company B and that company had assured him to take him on board from
    Sep 26, 2009. So he and his wife had both approved H1/H4 from Company
    B. Now last minute the company B backed off from their agreement.

    So he went back to his company A and asked for H1 extension on Sept
    24, 2009 and for which they filed papers. But they didn't file papers
    for his wife's H4. Can she be on company B's approved H4? if not how
    many days she has to file for H4 linked to company A.


    09-11 05:14 PM



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