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  • tarunsri
    03-06 09:29 AM
    Any replies ????

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  • Adam
    04-24 11:10 PM
    lookin' good :thumb: that first one is still my favourite!!

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  • gregspirited
    02-22 03:45 PM
    Below is my current GC & H1-B status

    1. Have an approved I-140 with my current employer. Waiting to file I-485.
    2. Pending H1-B extension petition based on approved I-140

    I'm looking to move from engineering to marketing with the same employer. I know I have to refile labor and I-140 and claim the PD based on the already approved I-140. Can I move to marketing from engineering? The job responsibilities are totally different and my current H1-B extension petition is for engineering position only. I need to file for a H1-B amendment based on the new marketing position.

    Will i be able to move smoothly within my current company. If not what will be some roadblocks? Any advice or insights is highly appreciated

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  • Blog Feeds
    10-15 06:30 PM
    Last Friday was a depressing day for me. A businessman and his daughter visited me in my office. When I asked how they had learned about our law firm, they said a lot of flattering things about how "famous" we were and about our "great" website. However, when I analyzed their case, it quickly became apparent to me that nothing could be done to help them. It was too late. The man's I-140 (EB1-3) which was submitted in April 2001 had been denied, and his former attorney had advised them to not to appeal, but to have the employer file...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/carlshusterman/2009/10/how-to-select-an-immigration-attorney.html)


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  • BAS1
    November 27th, 2004, 04:55 PM
    Hi everyone. I am not a Nikon owner but have a question for a friend. Can lenses currently used on a Nikon 6006 be used on the latest Nikon DSLRs?

    Any information will be appreciated.


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  • zarez
    03-02 09:03 AM
    It's a sketch of me in my younger days from my moleskine. I am thinking about making a short anime for local amateur show. Drawing is influenced by moby's natural blues. If entry is to much "moby" and doesn't count, it's ok.

    http://img258.imageshack.us/img258/3075/mara.gif (http://img258.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mara.gif)



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  • rheoretro
    08-21 04:06 PM
    Online petitions are useless...petitions need signatures and names that can be verified with sufficient contact information. Otherwise, what stops some unscrupulous person from piling up a billion "signatures" in support of the petition?


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  • anilsal
    12-26 11:00 PM

    Anti-immigrants are not welcome.


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  • Legal
    01-15 09:45 AM
    Join IV.

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  • smuggymba
    09-21 10:37 AM
    Mods - Please delete this thread; this has nothing to do with immigration. You can discuss this on ibnlive


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  • excogitator
    10-30 02:31 PM

    Am I your prince? Am I not? Go ahead and Find out.
    Guaranteed never to work so expect loads of kisses :)

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-03 07:30 PM
    It takes a lot of razzle dazzle for a state attorney general to make national headlines on a regular basis, but Virginia Attorney Generaly Ken Cuccinelli is doing his best. His latest attention-grab is his issuing an opinion yesterday that law enforcement officers in the state can ask anyone in the state they stop for another reason about their immigration status. He draws an odd distinction - that officers have the discretion to ask or not ask and are not required to do so. This just seems to make racial profiling even more likely and doesn't at all address the...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/08/virginia-ag-thumbs-nose-at-arizona.html)


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  • kumar1
    09-22 10:22 PM
    I can tell you from my past dot com bust experience, getting companies to file for GC had become very tough. Getting labor certification cleared was even a bigger challenge. I can say, when economy goes south, immigrant's life gets tougher. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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  • ksbs1304
    07-16 12:17 AM

    I filed green card with my old emp. in 2002, i applied for i485 July/07 and in APR/08 i change my job to similar profession, now i work and live in MD, and my interview for status adj is sch in NJ, should i notify and change address to MD since i live , work and my current emp. in MD. Please help....

    thanks to all


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  • nonimmi
    01-11 03:50 PM
    Here you see some of the early adopters of AC21 rule asking similar questions during 2002-2003.


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  • raj3078
    11-09 12:56 PM
    Yesturday night, I saw Charlie Rose Show, in which he first interviewed Andi Carr and then RAHM EMANUEL Representative (D-IL)....
    In the middle of conversation, Charlie asked Rahm about what Dems agree and disagree and how they will work with President. He replied that there is no all disagreement. He said Dems agree on Tax reform as well as Immigration. Then he went on to talk about favoritism to CIR.

    It seems like winning the election even while being on Immigration side as well defeat of Representatives J.D. Hayworth and Randy Graf (Hardcore Immigrant Haters) have embolden Dems that Immigration is not as taboo as it was once thought. I have a feeling that they will get this done sooner than later. :)


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-26 11:30 AM
    Thanks to a healthy dose of jet lag (My wife and I just returned from walking on the Great Wall of China a few days ago!), I finally found the time to read the Supreme's new decision in Kentucky v. Padilla. Although I was impressed that Justice Stevens, in the majority opinion, found that criminal defendants who are not U.S. citizens have a 6th Amendment right to be informed by their criminal counsel as to the immigration consequences of pleading guilty to a particular crime, it struck me that the most likely effect of this decision may be for criminal...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/carlshusterman/2010/04/padilla-bring-back-the-jrad.html)

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  • inbobabo
    12-09 03:21 PM
    Hi everyone,

    I have just received my H1-B, and I'm planning on a two week vacation back to my country.

    I'm not on a good relationship with my company at the moment, and even if they granted my vacation, I'm afraid they might cancel my H1-B visa while I'm on a vacation overseas.

    If they do, would I be not able to come back into US, or would they at least give me a few days to pack up my stuff?

    Any advice and comments would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

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  • Paranormal Paralegal
    11-13 08:28 PM
    Actually, its preferable - saves money and shows DOL that there are multiple openings, not just one.

    06-14 05:18 PM

    08-21 06:09 PM
    Sorry for the cross posting.

    My papers were sent on June 21st, but they were receipted only on June 27th. Turns out USCIS returned my $1000 for premium processing :(.

    My lawyer said they talked to USCIS and USCIS asked them to re-file with proof of receipt.

    Did anyone who filed in end June have their 140 premium processing returned?



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