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  • immigrant2007
    10-22 11:43 AM
    The future appears bleak and depressing considering the recent FOIA numbers which put EB3 GC wait times at approximately 8-10 years. Is there no hope at all? :(

    There is no hope at all especially when our priorities are so misplaced. Just see how many members even post to any meaningful thread and whenever there is any meanigful thread people are out there to make every effort to derail it using cheap tactics.

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  • fittan
    09-18 11:18 AM
    vxg...I disagree with your statement that "stamp...can be forged'. Anything can be forged (e.g. passport, money). If the I-551 is legit what do you have to be afraid of?

    wandmaker is correct. Take infopass, tell them you may have to travel soon and get the stamp. I've done it...nothing wrong with that. By the way, since your I-485 is approved, your AP is no longer valid and you should not use it.

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  • IN2US
    03-05 06:37 PM
    did anybody successfully accomplished revoking existing G-28 by company's attorney and self represented the pending I-485?? if so can you please post the details on letter format, whom to address the letter etc...
    this information would be helpful for many, because most of us here already filed I-485 during June/July and are eligible for using AC21.

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  • Ahimsa
    01-31 09:27 PM
    As many as 500,000 legal immigrants are in a limbo on the greencard process. Just resolve their issues so you will see most of them opening new businesses, buy houses - this will trigger high financial activity and will improve the economy automatically. Unemployment will be a thing of the past.


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  • YesGC_NoGC
    12-07 07:52 PM

    In NYC (if it's closer for you) consulate you get the renewed/New Passport back on same day. I renewed my Kids passports there got back on same day.

    For myself, I renewed in SFO back in 2001 and got them back in 5-7 days.

    Hope this helps you make your decision.

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  • JunRN
    12-18 07:39 AM
    Here's what I think: Your lawyer changed address, is that right?


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  • dskhabra
    12-05 09:55 PM
    If you want to know the exact job description then labor is the only document which has the complete description. Usually the company will ask to fill some documentation for filing labor and labor is filed based on the available job and your skill set as well (that's what I have seen).
    You might get some idea of job description from the documentation you filled for labor but again will not be exact...

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  • krishnam70
    07-17 07:13 PM
    Thanks for your list. So it seems we can do it without attorney help. I am not sure what my attorney is doing its been a month since he had all the papers and fee. I am going to try filing myself:mad:

    and file yourself using the thread for self-filers in this forum.



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  • gnrajagopal
    08-19 02:16 AM
    Your concern seems valid.
    gnrajagopal, i would call USCIS customer service and talk to them about this.. better to get it confirmed.
    I am inclined to believe that you are approved.. they just haven't updated their system yet or mabybe the system didn't get updated somehow.

    Spoke to a friend of mine. He said he recieved his 140 approval but till this date the system shows that the case is pending. I will probably call uscis tomorrow.

    Does anybody know the easiest way to reach a customer service rep at NSC?

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  • hoolahoous
    07-14 09:30 PM
    When my AP came up for renewal my attorney asked to get new set of photos.
    In addition my cousin's EAD application got RFE'ed to get new set of photos even though the photos were recent. The reason given was that they had used same photos to renew their visa few months back (less than 6 months).
    Is USCIS coming up some new rule about photos being 'unused' ?? The guidelines say that photos should be recent (taken in last 6 months). However nowhere I do I see that the photos should be 'unused' previously ?
    Anyone else had same experience ?


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  • chanduv23
    09-17 02:21 PM
    Numbers are changing

    People are moving away from screens and coming to DC !!!

    Thank You Everyone for acting

    yes -- they act fast




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  • yagw
    06-04 01:17 AM


    The law would also increase numerical caps on the number of visas for countries such as Mexico, the Philippines, China and India. People from those countries hoping to immigrate to the U.S. routinely face waits of more than a decade in a system with a backlog of 5.8 million people.


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  • lskreddy
    03-12 04:34 PM
    the only way to extend the H1 is to:
    - have an LC >365 days old
    - her I-140 approved

    Without either of those she does not qualify for H1 extensions. Best bet if EAD takes longer than 4 more months (should not, most people have got it within 90 days) and she cannot stop working for a while might be to try and recapture time spent abroad (to fully utilize the 6 years). If you were on vacation or travelling on business, hten all those days spent abroad can be used as additional H1 time. if thats been 4-5 months in ht elast 6 years, it might be worth recapturing...

    Would anyone know if there is a third valid case for H1 extension i.e.

    LC approved, I140 pending (just a month) but LC is less than 365 days old?

    My LC has been approved but will be only pending for 360 days on the day my H1 expires, I140 is pending and sixth year is going to be up this June. Can I extend or would i be forced to recapture some of my time outside US?

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  • Berkeleybee
    03-27 02:36 PM
    Our Hard Quota Memo (in our Resources section) is now posted on the widely read Bender's Immigration Bulletin http://bibdaily.com/index.cgi

    Before we created this memo, this fact was not widely known and we are doing our best to get the word out.



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  • eb3retro
    03-04 05:15 PM
    Is there anything i can do on H4 visa??

    Yes, you can do your household work or volunteer in some local libraries or hospitals.

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  • Outkastpb231
    10-29 06:09 PM
    Wehey - I can do all that (- website layouts) and I havent had classes yet :)
    Your car is slightly different.. It has a gradient; where mine was bright purple.
    Can I view a few of your sigs? Or a website you have previously made?
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/outkastpb231/vaporworks_8.jpg The vapor works logo was done for a paintball company.


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  • acecupid
    08-01 11:06 AM
    HI , first of all thank you for spending some time on my problem.

    But my dependants are in " X " location only . we are meeting each other by travelling . my dependants are receiving all invoices. Thats the reason i got this question. please suggest me. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE.

    Your statements seem to contradict. I thought you mentioned earlier that you moved to "Y" location. Are you saying that you live in "Y" location and your dependents live in "X" location and you travel to meet each other on weekends ? If you maintain two residences then you probably dont have to file a change of address.

    I find it pretty odd though, most people dont maintain multiple residences.

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  • traveldoc
    09-24 08:14 AM
    Good to know no issues Dude.

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  • TelanganaINDIA
    10-04 10:55 PM
    I am planning to go to India with my family in december. Please suggest some tourist spots across India.
    Not the usual ones like tajmahal or gateway of india etc. Thank you.

    04-25 12:04 AM
    WillGetGC2005 - here is my understanding of your case :-

    You have PD of 2002. You filed 140 and it is already approved. Your 485 is also filed and its more than 2 years on it.

    If the above is correct, you do not need to do PD transfer or start any new labor process either.

    What you need to do is use AC21. When you change employers, make sure that the new employer/lawyer sends a note that you are using AC-21 to transfer your job and your new job is same as your old job. Your GC process will continue normally after that using the 485 you have filed.

    The rule is if you have an approved I140 and your 485 is pending for more than six months, you can transfer employers using AC21. Your previous employer CANNOT revoke your I-140.

    This is my understanding. If you have a new employer and have a job offer , just have a talk with the lawyer and things will clear up.

    05-15 11:32 PM
    wow ..so I guess there is hope :)



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