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  • sss9i
    08-19 11:36 PM

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  • jeevan
    05-13 01:49 PM
    I need your suggestions on my situation and below is the same.

    1. Priority date (04Oct2006) is current in June bulletin
    2. Applied labor & I40 with previous employer.
    3. Applied I485 in July 2007 ( applied I 485 before marriage) with previous employer
    4. Joined other employer on Sep 2009
    5. Not applied AC21 portability to new employer.

    Now my priority date is going to be current as of June 1st, so need to file I-485 for my wife. Based on my situation could you please suggest the best approach to apply dependent's I485. i.e Apply dependent I485 from previous employer or through my new employer asking for AC21 along with employment verification letter).

    Appreciate your help in advance.

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  • insbaby
    06-22 01:55 PM
    My passport expires in Jan 2010.

    Is there a time frame by which I need to renew passport? Can I go sometime this month or should it be within 6 months of expiration?

    Thanks in advance.

    Washington DC - Indian Embassy - 6 months before.

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  • mayurcreation
    08-27 02:06 PM
    Dear Attorney,

    My I140 got approve from A company when I was working in company B.( I applied for I140 from company A and left the company after 5 months due to some reason). My approved I140 is still valid as I went to USCIS website and check the case status using EAC number.

    This is my 5yr on H1 visa.

    My question is:
    - Can I transfer my H1 to company C using A company I140 EAC number and get 3 yrs of extention? ( I only have EAC number of approved I140. A company have refused to give me copy of approved I140 as I left the company.).



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  • iad2ead
    02-10 09:07 AM
    Avoid EAD if possible. Move using H1B transfer.

    good luck

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  • kittu1991
    07-17 07:02 PM
    To - Congress (Capitol Hill, DC)
    Purpose - To address EB3 visa issue.

    Why is it all of a sudden EB3 visa issue and not EB visa issue?


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  • tcfannin
    01-12 07:47 AM
    I was on H1 visa and laid off from job on 10/30/09. I got severance pay for Nov. and have the pay stubs. I applied for COS from H4 to F1 for my spouse (already in collage) and H1 to F2 for me on 12/9/09. Meanwhile immigration performed spot check at my ex-employers on 12/3/09, so they came to know that i was not working. My employer had not revoked H1 by then. Our COS application was received by USCIS on 12/14/2009, case is currently under Initial Review.
    - Will the immigration officers who did spot check inform USCIS that i was out of status?
    - Will case get rejected due to delay in applying for COS?
    - Will there be any complications in transferring my H1 to new employer as i was out of status for about a month before i applied for COS?
    - How to stop F2 COS if i get H1 transfer approved first?

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  • gondalguru
    07-08 05:19 PM

    I filed my 485 on June 4th 2007 with NSC. It was transferred to TSC and received my Receipt notice. Now I am going to file my AP.

    My question is where should I file my AP?. Do I need to file with NSC or TSC?.

    Please someone respond.

    Thanks in advance



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  • venkygct
    06-23 01:38 AM
    I was also in the same boat couple of months back and got two appointments. Technically we can send a letter to USCIS with explanation. But my attorney suggested me to go for the second appointment. So I went twice..

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  • memyselfandus
    07-31 09:37 PM
    New filing fees were applicable from 7/30. Do all applications(485/131/765) whose PD is current need to filed with the new fees starting from 7/30? Or till 8/17 it can be filed with the old fees?


    Old fees; with July priority date till August 17th.


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  • Blog Feeds
    02-11 08:50 PM
    British-born Stan Brock is the founder of Remote Area Medical (RAM), a non-profit health care company that has helped organize volunteer physicians, eye doctors, dentists and support staff to set up weekend-long events in large venues that offer vital health care services to the poor and uninsured. RAM has hosted 581 events and treated more than 500,000 people with the volunteer services of 45,000 health care professionals. According to Business TN Magazine: RAM is largely supported by small donations, and volunteers pay their own travel, lodging and food expenses. While many patients seen at these events are local, it's not...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/02/immigrant-of-the-day-stan-brock-health-care-hero.html)

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  • ajaz
    07-25 04:19 PM
    My ND is july-12-2007
    I am yet to receive by FP,

    How will I come to know my FP appointment date, my attorney is not cooperating, please help.. :D


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  • ups
    06-15 10:53 AM
    What happens if you lose your job in 6 months after filing 485?

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  • clockwork
    10-14 03:16 PM
    I filed for AOS during July 2007 fiasco. I filed I-140 (Company A)concurrently with I-485. This concurrently filed I-140 got denied. I had another approved I-140 (Company B)from a different employer. My I-485 is still pending. Is there anyway to use AC-21 to reuse old approved I-140 for this pending I-485? Thanks for your valuable inputs.

    Thanks -


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  • kirupa
    01-19 11:18 PM
    Added :)

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  • logiclife
    07-23 10:54 AM
    Posts that are not related to immigration etc should not be posted on these forums. This online forum and website is for immigration related issues, not a blog for any kind of open discussion and awareness campaigns.

    Such posts include, but not limited to:

    1. Advertising for services etc that you offer.
    2. Awareness campaigns to draw attention to various problems in the world.
    3. Totally off-topic philosophical or religious preachings etc.

    Such threads will be deleted right away.


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  • martinvisalaw
    11-04 05:49 PM
    You can have 2 485s pending at the same time - this happens fairly often. Once CIS is ready to approve one, they will ask if you want to withdraw the other. You may not get approved for a second EAD and AP, however, while you have valid versions of these.

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  • uslegals
    01-10 09:02 AM
    Admin - please block this SPAM from "Occamnben"..

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  • aj2000
    09-29 09:43 PM
    Any updates if you got it and when? Did you have to call them and request for a new card?

    12-10 11:02 PM
    tried to delete this thread but cldn't do it ,,,

    mods , can you delete this thread as I already opened anotehr thread in nonimmigrant visa section?


    11-30 06:48 PM
    My fiancee is from Tijuana, Mexico and she has two children aged 11 and 14. They all have BCC laser visas, which allow multiple crossings into the US. I am a US citizen and live in San Diego, 25 miles from the border.

    Here's my concern: her 14-yr old daughter will turn 15 on Jan 8, 2008, at which her BCC visa expires.

    If my fiancee and I get married after the expiration date of her daughter's visa, and I file for the family-based adjustment of status I-485, will that affect our application process?

    In other words, do my fiancee's and her children's BCC visas need to be current in order for their applications to be approved? Will the daughter's visa need to be renewed before we can move forward? :confused:

    Thank you in advance for your valuable advice and input! :)



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