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  • BABU79
    09-28 05:57 PM
    I have an Indian passport and currently working in USA on L1B visa. Before leaving India I initiated the process of getting permanent residence visa from Australia and while I was in USA I got the AU Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175) visa approved and it was stamped on my passport by the AU embassy in Washington DC.

    My queries are:
    - I am planning to go for a vacation to India very soon. While returning to USA will it be a problem with my Indian passport having both USA L1B visa and AU migrant visa.
    - For the initial entry to AU, I want to go there next year only for a week directly from USA. Will it be a issue for me to enter the US in my return trip

    Your advice on this will be very helpful.

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  • raghu112
    12-27 06:04 PM

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  • sameerguptha
    08-06 10:37 PM
    OPT Start Date: Jan 2009
    OPT End Date: May 2011

    Comp A (A Consulting Firm)applied for H1-B in April 2009 thru consular Processing and got approved. I worked for Client X in the month of April but lost my job in a week itself.(thus I dont have any pay Stubs from Comp A)Since Comp A was not able to find me a job. I found A full time job in Comp B in June 2009 , I somehow convinced Comp B to hire me as a contractor as I already have my H1-B approved thru Comp A. Thus from july 2010 I started working for Comp A again as my employer and Comp B as its Client. I am planning to go for VISA stamping in Dec 2010. My Question is

    1) If they Ask for my Tax Returns and W2 for 2009 what should I answer as I just have my W2 frm Comp B

    2) would there be a question of something like why havent I've been working for Comp A Since my H1 approval.

    Please advice. I appreciate any kind of answer

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  • lost
    07-09 01:08 PM
    Last year I signed affidavit of support forms for my parents and they are already got their immigrant visa. One of my friends needs my help to sign affidavit of support for his brother. My question is how many affidavit of supports one can sign for different people? What are my liabilities if his brother later do some thing wrong in USA?


    I would be more concerned about the medical issues his brother may have (accident, urgent care....) and if you will be held responsible for payments?
    Besides, why can't your friend sign teh affidavit of support for his brother?


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  • martinvisalaw
    06-03 06:08 PM
    You should change to H-4 (assuming you are eligible) if you are not working. You should be able to change back H-1B later and get the remainder of your 6 years, without being subject to the cap, if you find a new employer. It is important not to violate status now, and not working violates your H-1 status even if the lack of work is not your choice.

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  • newyorker123
    08-31 01:50 PM
    Is it having any advantage towards applying I-485 if getting married in US (H1B and other is on F1).


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  • braindrain
    11-13 02:16 PM
    As long as the Master Program in UK is equivalent to Masters in US, you should be good.

    You can get your credentials evaluated in US and see if its a Masters equivalent.

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  • psoft27
    07-25 03:55 PM
    Hello IV.org - I am on H1visa, which is valid until Sep 30th 2010 with stamping. To get eligible for a new 6year H1visa - Can I work for the same company but geographically located out side of USA for one complete year. [ Let's assume from Oct 1st 2010 to Sep 30th 2011]

    Then apply for the new H1 from the same company in april 2012? OR can I apply in april 2011 and enter US at Oct 2011?

    Thank you.


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-17 12:40 PM
    Here's the news release from the ACLU: The American Civil Liberties Union and a coalition of civil rights groups filed a class action lawsuit today in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona challenging Arizona's new law requiring police to demand "papers" from people they stop who they suspect are not authorized to be in the U.S. The extreme law, the coalition charged, invites the racial profiling of people of color, violates the First Amendment and interferes with federal law. The coalition filing the lawsuit includes the ACLU, MALDEF, National Immigration Law Center (NILC), the National Association for...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/05/rights-groups-file-class-action-challenging-arizona-law.html)

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  • zymorian
    05-12 01:14 AM
    err, any advice from anyone?? :rolleyes:


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  • sw33t
    04-10 04:21 PM
    *Interviewer asking about Timezones and its effect on Google*

    Why do it, given the downside?

    Well, because we want the best talent all around the world. There's an enormous amount of programming talent in China, we want that talent to work at Google. And the fact is they want to work in China, they actually like China, it's their home, or the U.S. won't allow them in. So we have to adapt, just to be very clear here, we have to adapt the culture that I'm describing with this international development focus.



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  • cjagtap
    08-12 06:01 PM
    Its okay to file the 485 at either texas or nebraska. Normally the lawyers file 485 to the same center where your 140 got approved. from.


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  • goldgold
    09-21 03:18 AM

    I am working for company A with L1 Visa and this year I got H1 and wanted to continue some more time with L1. I read following information


    I want to apply COS ammendment and LCA, do I need to file through employer or I can file it individually?

    It would be great help if you give more info on COS and LCA.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • monu19_75
    06-16 11:42 PM
    Thank you for your time and I appreciate your effort.

    I have two Approved I-140s (both filed by same company).
    � Filed I-140 & I-485 concurrently with a PD of Nov 2007 (Original Labor) - I-140 Approved and I-485 Pending
    � Filed I-140 with PD March 2005 (Substitution Labor) - I-140 Approved.

    1. I would greatly appreciate if you can let me know what are my options and any relative information (Letter formats etc.)
    2. Can Info-Pass work instead of writing to USCIS?


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  • PD200711
    01-22 03:43 PM
    Case type: H-1 approval without end-client letter
    Submitted by Rajiv S. Khanna on Jan 20th 2010, Modified on Jan 20th 2010
    Category: H-1 Visa
    Status: H-1B approved
    We have just received another H-1 approval for an end-client placement. There were two intervening vendors and the end-client declined to provide a letter stating that there is no requirement in law for them to provide any such letter. We had to get together convincing secondary evidence. I was highly doubtful we will get the approval, but we did. So, despite the January 8 memo from USCIS, there is life yet for consulting industry.

    Immigration.com Sample Cases | Immigration.Com - Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna, PC (http://www.immigration.com/sample-cases)

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  • dealsnet
    04-13 11:07 AM
    I think you can employ any one on 1090 on temporary basis(nanny or home improvement, reapir etc) , not employ by start a company. Ask a lawyer.

    Would anyone of you know whether someone on H1B can go ahead and hire a US citizen and be their employer? I know some people do hire nannies. How about for other everyday occupations?

    Thanks and best regards.


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  • aroranuj
    07-28 03:20 PM
    My I-140 was denied by TSC early last year. We sent in an MTR/Appeal on the denial. The case was sent over by the TSC to AAO. We received an RFE from the AAO on the appeal a couple of months back. We responded back to the RFE within the required time frame.

    My attorney just informed me this week that the case has been transferred back to the USCIS from the AAO. Can anyone please tell me if this means that my case has been approved or denied? Also how long can the USCIS sit on it before adjudicating? I'm assuming that the AAO has passed a decision, thats why they have sent it back to USCIS....


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  • cj4ualways
    09-14 05:12 PM
    Thanks a bunch

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  • terah14
    10-27 12:45 AM
    Case against his employer had held in the past year and he was doing right to get his right to get the money back so he was not doing anything wrong in the past with his employer but how the new employer of his company react on that background and understand is totally depends upon them but don't worry about it, he was not wrong.

    02-27 01:52 PM
    Hi All,

    I am in the fourth year of mu H1b, and I need to start my GC process. My current employer is a consulting firm which provides services to a third party main client. My questions are :

    a) is this a good time to file for GC given the fact that my company falls under employer-employee relationship memo?

    b) I plan to go to India in summer and need to get my stamping. Will the new memo from USCIS affect my stamping? My current h1b expires in sept 2011.

    c) If I apply for my GC before going to India in summer, does it affect point b ?

    Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions.


    ariel the alien
    09-04 06:18 PM
    I am from the UK currently on an 18 month J1 visa in the US that expires in a couple of weeks.

    I am going back to the UK and will be studying to get a degree and returning to the US for the summer on a temp J1 Visa. My goal is to get the degree and then apply for an H1B Visa to be here for up to 6 years through my employer.

    My employer is supportive and would be willing to help sponsor me for a green card application. Can i start that application now and while i am waiting for it to be processed (i understand that it can take many years) still continue on the path of getting my H1 B visa? I would be considered under a employment category 3 as the job that i want is a Camp Director job and needs a bachelors degree.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated - i want this more than anything despite the fact that it is going to take years to achieve - i am driven! :)



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