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  • reddysms
    08-17 09:16 AM
    One of my friend's I-485 with priority date of Jan 2006 got approved yesterday. They have posted the documents to USCIS for his wife early this month(as per his attorney) to link to his I-485, but the check was not cashed yet and receipt notice was not issued for his wife.

    Will there be any issue in this regard? What will be the options for him just in case if the attorney has not sent the documents to USCIS for his wife or the documents get rejected for some reason? Any help/advice in this regard is really appreciated. Thanks.

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  • badluck
    07-20 10:37 AM

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  • $eeGrEeN
    07-13 07:36 PM
    For Christ's sake , it is LOSE , with a single O , not LOOSE

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  • hemya
    02-28 11:14 AM
    Is your I140 approved?


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  • Blade
    August 20th, 2005, 02:14 AM
    Hi all,

    Does anyone know please if the Sigma 80-400mm 80-400 f/4.5-5.6 OS EX DG Lens would be fully compatable with the FujiFilm S2 Pro ?

    Kindest Regards

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  • vk2082
    07-22 01:46 PM
    Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate it.


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  • ali__amr
    07-22 07:13 AM
    hey everyone I was trying to download the swift 3d because a pparently it sweems like a cool one but the download trial wasn't accuriable anyway I looged into the net store and checked the full program, it costs about 159$ so I guess I want to download the trial first to give it a try before spending that much amount of money so if any of you know where to donwlaod it just plz post me a message with the title"FOund what you wanted" on your subjectt space.=)

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  • wandmaker
    01-02 02:38 PM
    My AP approvals are lost in mail, my employer mailed them in ordinary mail during holiday season (12/11/07). What can I do next? Go thru attorney for duplicates? Please advice.

    USCIS will not issue duplicates for AP, you will have to re-apply with a fee.


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  • ivgclive
    10-15 02:35 PM
    People who complain about embassys, consulates abroad are assured that despite what country it is, the foreign offices are working in the same way.

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  • vinabath
    08-30 11:53 AM
    My status has been changed from H4 to H1 in June and I am currently in the USA. I am planning to attend Visa Interview in Chennai. Will it be a visa renewal??


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  • pamposh
    09-26 11:15 AM
    Ok for a long time I have been thinking about getting enrolled in a Phd program and this year I was hoping I get a chance to chase my dream after having the GC... well it did not work the way I thought/planed and now I want to weigh my options.

    here are my details:

    EB2 I with PD Sep 2005
    Primary Applicant
    currently on H1B
    I 140 approved early 2006
    Approved EAD (till Oct 2010)
    Approved AP

    So my questions is:

    Is there a way I can join a univ as full time research student?
    Can I take a leave of absense (ofcourse w/o pay) from my current job to join as a student?

    If anyone knows anything about this kind of situation I would really appreciate your help.

    Thanks for everyone in advance...

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  • casinoroyale
    11-09 11:39 AM

    Its "US Workers" not "us workers".


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  • ad_325
    08-25 05:54 PM
    Hi Experts,

    Would appreciate your help here. My sister is studying on H4 visa and her husband applied for I-140 in EB1 but it got rejected and now they have filed appeal for the same. He has his I-140 approved for NIW already though. Currently, My sister wants to move from H4 to F1 Visa as NIW case will take a lot of time and EB1 case has less chance of getting approved. Is there any problem in doing so ? Will having approved I-140 for NIW or pending appeal case affect her F1 application ?

    Would really appreciate your help here !.


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  • honge_kamyaab
    06-14 01:59 PM
    Apparently there are people who file for I-485 and I140 without labor approval.
    I don't know how many people did this, but I heard there are cases of this kind.

    What is the validity of this information? If it is valid, what are the risks?

    The person who informed me went further explaining the procedure. He said that one needs to just file and wait for further documentation request from CIS. Upon labor approval complete documentation is presented to CIS.

    Experienced souls, please advise.


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  • f1togc
    12-18 05:07 PM
    are you ROW?

    pls check the monthly US visa bulletin for priority dates info.

    EB3 ROW 01MAY05
    EB3 India 01OCT01


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  • Macaca
    02-18 06:55 PM
    Some paras from In Majority, Democrats Run Hill Much as GOP Did (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/02/17/AR2007021701352.html).

    Democrats pledged to bring courtesy to the Capitol when they assumed control of Congress last month. But from the start, the new majority used its muscle to force through its agenda in the House and sideline Republicans.

    And after an initial burst of lawmaking, the Democratic juggernaut has kept on rolling.

    Of nine major bills passed by the House since the 110th Congress began, Republicans have been allowed to make amendments to just one, a measure directing federal research into additives to biofuels. In the arcane world of Capitol Hill, where the majority dictates which legislation comes before the House and which dies on a shelf, the ability to offer amendments from the floor is one of the minority's few tools.

    Last week, the strong-arming continued during the most important debate the Congress has faced yet -- the discussion about the Iraq war. Democrats initially said they would allow Republicans to propose one alternative to the resolution denouncing a troop buildup but, days later, they thought better of it.

    And yet, significant numbers of House Republicans have voted along with Democrats on the legislation passed so far -- a fact that somewhat mutes criticism about iron-fisted tactics.

    In the first weeks of the new Congress, however, Democrats bypassed the usual legislative committees, refused to allow any amendments and took their agenda straight to the floor for passage. They said they needed a clear path to pass a handful of popular measures that were the basis of their successful November campaign, including expanded money for stem cell research, an increase in the federal minimum wage and implementation of recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission.

    Democrats said they would impose "regular order," the rules that permit the minority to participate more widely, in short order.

    But even after passing their domestic agenda, Democratic leaders have continued to marginalize Republicans, preventing them from having a voice in legislation such as a bill to withhold federal pensions from lawmakers convicted of ethics felonies and a $463 billion bill to fund the federal government for the rest of this fiscal year.

    Last week's debate on the Iraq war, culminating in its passage Friday by a vote of 246 to 182, was conducted under a "closed rule," which means Republicans could not offer alternatives. "I understand what they did on their agenda," said Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho). "But to do a closed rule on something like this is a huge mistake. We're talking about war and peace. You don't play politics with war."

    While they did not allow amendments on the Iraq debate, the Democrats gave every member of the chamber five minutes to speak on the resolution -- an unprecedented amount of debate on a nonbinding resolution, according to Thomas E. Mann, a scholar at Brookings Institution. He said that is more than the Republicans offered Democrats when the GOP passed a resolution last spring supporting the war in Iraq.


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  • rakesh_one
    03-18 10:51 AM
    No. OPT means in F1. As long as you register for enough credits, your status continues. The enough credits is determined by your international advisor.

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  • tommui
    06-24 09:51 PM
    it seems most/all of multimedia jobs are project-based/short term/freelanced, is there any multimedia permanent job which you can sit in a fix studio to work on, maybe 5 days a week, just like some administration/office fulltime position (e.g. clark/marketing person).
    Work in some multimedia comp/film company maybe one of the solution, anyone could give me more ideas/suggestions & I dont know which multimedia/film is the big one / famous...:puzzle:



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  • Blog Feeds
    07-23 11:40 AM
    A Federal Judge has certified a nationwide class in a challenge to the USCIS's restrictive interpretation of the "automatic conversion" clause in the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) of 2002. This opens the way for children who have "aged-out" to be reunited with their parents. The USCIS has resisted implementing this important section of law for the past seven years. Just a few weeks ago, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), in Matter of Wang, adopted the government's restrictive interpretation of the automatic conversion clause. On July 16, Federal Judge James Selna (Central District, California), over government objections, made his...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/carlshusterman/2009/07/cspa-update.html)

    10-15 07:37 PM
    I'm sure some poor forum member had that idea and now isn't gonna submit it because of this :grin:

    They probably thought they'd win too.

    08-05 11:56 AM
    Saw in a IV post (looking for the link) that an NSC IO told that they will adjudicate applications with Name Check pending only if they dont hear back from FBI by November,08. Below link may offer some clues on why "November".


    Not to read too much in to what one IO might have said...but Wanted to see if there is any truth to this as I remember seeing folks approved with Namecheck pending on some forums. So pl. post here if you fit in to the above category.

    God only knows what is in stock for November visa dates.

    EB2, Sep 04
    NC: Pending (Per Infopass on 8/5)



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