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  • gccovet
    06-19 02:13 PM
    Dear IVians,

    Do I need to send my original passport for PIO application?

    I am not comfortable sending out my passport. Hence, I wanted to double-check.

    Your response is appreciated.


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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-10 07:50 PM
    Can anybody please let me know what are the documents needed to file for 485. If I do not have any immunization record, how can I show that immunization record?
    Somebody with experience please post. It has been answered earlier elsewhere, but I could not find it through search.
    Thank you

    Your question is answered in this thread: http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=4476 on page 1 by "arnet".


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  • Lord Rahl
    03-06 11:32 PM
    Thanks ames, one of my buddies was teasing me earlier saying the hair was kinda goofy. Glad to know someone liked it. :cowboy:

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  • wandmaker
    10-31 08:01 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    Thanks for your time on this post. I appreciate your responses.

    I have a question regarding AP. I have AP's based on my pending 485. Recently i traveled to India (on a family emergency) using my AP which was issued in 20th Nov 2008 valid till 19th Nov 2009. I had no issues & got thru JFK using the same.
    I was out of US from Sep 23rd thru Oct 24th 2009.

    Before leaving US I applied for my AP in early Sep, which got approved by Sep 29 and was in my mail box by the time I arrived. The New pay roll has validity from 20 Nov 2009 until 19 Nov 2010.

    My question is, I may need to travel to India again for couple of months that is some some time near 5 Nov 2009 & will be back by Jan 2010.

    Do you guys foresee any other issues? , I herd that the AP is NOT valid if you are out of the country.

    Best Regards

    AFAIK, your new AP is valid and usable; get a second opinion from an attorney. Re-post in attorney's section.


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  • smsthss
    11-30 07:13 PM
    I got an RFE to send copies of my degrees on nov 15th. my attorney sent the copies and my status changed to Response to request for evidence received and processing is resumed. How many days will it take for I-140 approval after the response to RFE to received by USCIS ?

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  • amitga
    02-22 04:06 PM
    If you had an approved H1B last, that means that you already are on H1B status as of Oct 01 2006. You can continue to work in US on H1B and get it transfered also. Only when you go out of country then you will have to get new H1B stamped. I also had L1 to H1 change.

    The visa officer will surely ask you that "why did you change your status from L1 to H1" So be prepared with a good answer for that.


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  • gsc999
    09-24 02:21 PM
    Hello Guys & Gals, now that you have had a chance to recuperate :) from the hectic DC rally week, its time for our next action item.

    Kindly forward your brief report to us if you were part of the recent lobby day event in DC. Treat this as top priority!


    Please send an email to lobbyday@Immigrationvoice.org with subject line "Feedback - [lawmaker name] ". For example, "Feedback - Kennedy" or "Feedback - Pelosi"

    Refer to e-mail sent by Meenal to you for further details, if you haven't received that e-mail, pm me your e-mail address.

    Your feedback is critical next step. It would be great if you can send this to us by Tuesday or latest by Wednesday(09/26).

    Your feedback by this Wednesday will allow us to process and act on this vital information in a timely manner.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • abq_gc
    08-14 08:19 PM
    i got an RFE on my AP... don't know yet what it's about though..

    had the same question as you...whether these applications are mutually exclusive or not..



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  • vinzak
    06-16 01:13 AM
    This is some really interesting data. After looking at this, I'm not sure what recapturing visas means. Be cause it looks like both the FB and EB quptas have consistenly been filled. if you look at table 6.

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  • vselvam
    05-17 03:40 PM
    After filing 485, Is AC21 based changing employment is legal only when using EAD or it is applicable for H1-B transfer as well?

    History - I filed my 485 in EB3 PD March 2004. Married after that, waiting to file my wife�s 485 for PD. Hence I am maintaining my H1 as well as H4 for my wife.
    I can�t use my EAD.

    I am working as software engineer at a client location for the past 8 yrs. A corporate wide new policy at client location forces me to take full time or quit the job as not allowing a contract for more than two years continuously. I work for a very small American Consulting company and one or two employees in W2. Hence my option to get another client is very limited.

    I like to see what are the options legally can be possible without affecting my GC and legal residency of me and my wife.. I am now on my 11th year on H1 -B

    Can I switch to new employer with a H1 transfer (not using EAD) using AC 21 where the 485 was filed by different employer. Is it possible / I mean using H1B to a new employer not EAD. And extending the H1-B continuously?

    In case if I switch my job, and if the PD become current what are my options? Is my existing 485 application still valid? Can I file my wife�s 485 during the time.

    Can I continue extending my H1-B based on my old I-485 EB3 with the new employer more than one time. assuming my PD may take more than another 3 yrs.

    Do I require to start again my GC process? Or Can I continue with the same existing filed application?

    I can start a fresh GC with the new employer with EB2 as I gained another 6 yrs experience. But don�t know how long it takes, Can I continue extending my H1-B based on my old I-485 EB3?

    Any advice is appreciated.



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  • carlosCA
    02-05 06:20 PM
    Hi all,

    I am currently working on an L1 visa. Have been in the US for 1.5 years.

    A few weeks ago I wanted to change my job. Now I have an offer and the new employer is trying to sort out the visa.

    Unfortunately, the H1B visas are gone for this year, and the employer can't wait until October to get me working in their team, so waiting for the new H1 visas is not an option.

    After checking with their immigration attorneys, they now say the only option I have is to request an 'O' visa (they will support me).

    'O' visas are available for top sportsmen, actors or scientists. The attorneys say I have a good-enough resume to apply for one (masters degree, published some articles and experience in top companies) but I still think the opportunities are not many, since I think my resume is really good but not outstanding enough for this type of visa.

    My question is, how careful do I have to be when letting the company attorney to apply for a 'O' on my behalf? And specially, if the visa is denied is that going to impact my current L1 visa? I don't wanna end up with no visa at all! And also, is that going to be a 'bad record' next time I apply for a visa (probably H1)?

    What about the positive case? Can I have the 'O' visa during the 2 weeks I will still work in my current company under an L1 (I have to give my company 2 weeks notice before leaving) before moving jobs?

    I can't stop thinking the attorneys want the best for the company, that doesn't mean they want the best for me, so I am worried about the possibility they are applying for the visa on my behalf but not minding possible bad consequences for me if the visa is refused.

    Thanks so much for your help.

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  • tammman
    12-11 02:07 AM
    Hello All,

    My wife's AP was sent out on NOV13th according to online status and we didnt receive it till now and I called the USCIS today and the rep we didnt receive it back as undelivereable & once its once out of our office its not their concern & told re-applying is the only option.

    Issue?: My wife went to INDIA and she is on L1 and I was wondering when I re-apply her AP here, can she enter while her AP is pending approval ?
    her L1 is valid till June 2010.

    What are our options, please advise.


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  • chaukka
    09-11 12:24 PM
    Thanks. It seems I can not extend my J1 (Research Scholar) visa after getting the HRR waiver. Is anyobe aware of any foreign travel restrictions on a valid J1 visa with a granted HRR waiver?

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  • suntwin
    07-14 09:45 AM
    Hi Guys,

    A quick one. I have a HIb visa which is expiring on 9th of next month . I have never worked for that employer as things did'nt work out. I am currently in Australia and want to work as a contractor in US. I have already figured out who is going to transfer/sponsor my new H1.

    I am pretty sure that my employer would have cancelled my h1 which was allotted to me in 2007 quota.
    I have a tourist visa as well and i intend to goto US on that Visa and work out on the transfer of my H1 once i land there.

    Can i really do the above or am i getting too optimistic.
    Please reply soon as i have to make some really quick decisions.



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  • ita
    11-19 11:01 AM
    Please Advise

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  • mrdelhiite
    07-25 04:06 PM



    Sorry if this is a repost.



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  • h1bwala
    12-09 03:17 PM

    Here is my situation . My visa status is H1b and i was laid off by a well-known software company and my termination date was 30th Oct 2009 .
    I approached a software consultancy and they filed a LCA petition on 3rd Nov 2009 and applied for H1b transfer on 10th Nov 2009 . They received the EAC petition number on 3rd December 2009 . Meanwhile they kept trying a project for me . I have following queries

    1. As i am not getting any salary from 1st Nov 2009 , what is my legal status ? Am i out of status and till what time i could stay here ? What could be effects if i stay here for long without project and salary?

    2. Am i entitled to get any salary from current company (software consultancy) ? If yes , when shall they start paying me ?Can they really force me legally to stay here without salary as they might have an excuse that H1 is still not transferred and i am not their employee right now ? I want to add one point here their offer letter states that starting date would be 1st Nov subject to legal H1 transfer.

    3. What are my legal rights if software consultancy company forces me to stay here without any pay stub ? Please tell me my options.


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  • lecter
    January 17th, 2005, 08:42 AM
    Fred, try some pictures with the kids looking away, perhaps throwing her hair back and laughing, get him to point at the source of the mirth, that kind of thing. Then you have a different portrait..

    How to establish " successor in interest" in my case? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : How to establish " successor in interest" in my case?

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    07-19 09:31 PM
    If it is new 485 filing then you don't have A#.

    A# on I-140 is nothing do with your 485.

    Its has everything to do with 485 if its the alien # alloted to you at 140 stage and begins with a 0 (zero) thats your permanent alient number wont change for life.

    But as far as not mentioning it is no big deal as your paperwork includes I140 copy or original whatever and shouldnt have any negative impact on the filing.

    03-04 06:12 PM
    I am leaving company A to join Company B. My first 3 year term of H1 is expiring with company A soon in the next 6 months.

    1. Do I have to apply just H-1 transfer or (H-1 Transfer + H1 extension) with company B?
    2. Is there any number of weeks or period that I can be with out any pay stubs from company A after I leave them before I join company B? Will I fall 'out of status' as soon as the company A stops running pay stubs (they may not revoke immediately as my 3 yr H-1 is expiring with them soon anyway)? I am asking this because the company B may take a couple of weeks to employ me and start paying me.
    3. Company B is doing good now. But who knows what will happen in this recession economy?! What are my options to be in legal status if I get laid-off by company B after H-1 transfer with them OR if the H-1 transfer to company B gets rejected for whatever reason?

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    03-28 09:48 AM
    It is crystal clear that EB3-India is in for a very long ride. :eek:



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