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  • Onimusha370
    Apr 15, 08:20 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    The point is, I wasn't doing anything wrong, I was getting on with work. I accept they may have rules against this, I'm not denying what I was doing was against his rules.

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  • jtara
    Apr 11, 09:55 PM
    The speed of my internet connection has been brought up a couple times, I have a T1 connection and plenty of bandwidth.

    If you have a T1 connection, you do NOT have plenty of bandwidth. In fact, in today's world you have approximately none.

    T1 is 1.5mbit/sec.

    On my home Internet connection (Cox cable) I have 30mbit/sec down and 5mbit/sec up.

    T1 will probably support one user at a time, and that user will find it slow.

    You need to make sure you have symmetrical bandwidth, since you are running a server. If you have a T1, you probably do, but, like I said, it's a snail.

    If you can't get more bandwidth at a reasonable price in your location, consider co-locating your server at a data center. It will almost certainly be cheaper than bringing the bandwidth into your building.

    Others have suggested that perhaps you meant "tier 1":


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  • Caris
    Jan 6, 07:42 AM
    Why aye pet, I see your a twitter user from your sig. I'll follow you. :)

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  • longofest
    Oct 19, 12:29 PM
    personally, I think they're legit

    EDIT: and now it isn't just my hunch. we have confirmation

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  • dgree03
    Apr 27, 02:20 PM
    Apple has a tall hill to climb if they want to beat FREE google maps on android? But since it will be on iOS, ignorance is bliss, and people will think its the best thing ever.

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  • severe
    Jun 23, 06:28 PM
    Interesting turn of events for me. My preorder story is here http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=10157521&highlight=#post10157521

    So I called BB this afternoon after not hearing from them, to confirm my appointment. A salesperson claimed all confirmation calls had already been made.

    Now, there is a chance that I missed the call. I'm on a loaner phone from a friend at the moment, on account of having sold my previous iPhone to help with the cost of the new. At any rate, I was told someone would get back to me. Coincidentally, while I was on the phone, I received a text message from my GF asking whether I had received my confirmation call. She had last night.

    So a little over an hour ago, BB calls back and claims I'm on the list for the second shipment. I asked the sales rep how that is possible when I was the first guy to arrive last week, as far as I could tell. I had arrived with my GF just after opening and she had her appointment confirmed last night. There were no other preorderees at the store at that time and it certainly seemed like we were the first on the list. It doesn't make much sense.

    The rep seemed confused, shuffled some papers around for awhile, and finally asked me to hold. She returned to tell me her boss would soon be getting back to me to explain what may have happened, or some nonsense like that.

    It's been 2 hours. I'm calling back again, soon.

    UPDATE: Called back and explained the issue to yet another rep. After being put on hold half a dozen times, she returns and tells me, "No worries, you'll get your phone." Then she tried to tell me they were all backed up with appointments and tried to make one for me sometime after 1PM. Three hours after the GF travels there to receive hers. :confused:

    So I went from calling them to confirm my 10AM appointment, to them not having a phone for me at all, to them now having a phone for me but with a pick-up time sometime in the afternoon. WTH? After even more discussion and waiting, she spoke with her manager and he finally agreed that, "Yes, the first person in line should be eligible to receive the phone first." His words.

    That was easy. :rolleyes:

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  • JRSY37
    Mar 7, 11:56 PM
    Is that Twitterrific 3 still running, or have you found a way to mod the appearance of Twitterrific 4?

    its the version 3.2.4. without a mod.

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  • sisyphus
    Jul 12, 03:58 PM
    Oh that is soooo going to P.O. my girlfriend. She's an elementary teacher and I just finished convincing her to buy one of those when they became available in Canada. :eek:

    It makes me want to cry everytime I go over there and have to use her old e-machines... :mad: :o :(

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  • Stridder44
    Aug 2, 02:49 PM
    Core 2 Duos in the MacBook Pros!!! Come on you know you want to damnit....

    Also what's this Im hearing about 3-D effects in Leopard?

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  • appleguy123
    Apr 5, 08:53 PM
    What can I say:mad:
    I really don't understand these programs where people smash up things for fun.
    There's a program on Discovery as well which does these things.
    Don't get it,just can not do that in this era anymore because its just wasting resources for nothing.
    Here in Europe You won't find such utterly stupid programs.
    Makes Me mad that Macrumors put this on their site.

    Do you not realize that this is an ad campaign? They are trying to sell their badass blenders.

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  • vincenz
    Mar 11, 10:41 PM
    I still regret not jumping on that $65 Crucial 8 GB ram from about a month back! One of these days...

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  • franswa za
    Apr 6, 12:52 PM
    Some parts of Microsoft's products are proprietary so cannot be used by anyone else. Also people working for companies that have a majority of Microsoft based systems in use (i.e. nearly all of them) find it easier to interact with everyone else if they are using the same software. I for one am happy with Office 2011 - it enables me to work for most of my clients without having to use my Windows 7 bootcamp.

    noted, but not happy!

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  • Affirmed
    Apr 13, 04:17 PM
    The software handles 4K video,not even "prosumers" work in 4K so I doubt they'd bother supporting that and not things like EDL and OMF exports.

    I hope you are right, but it Apple has taken a decidedly Online only approach to Final Cut X rather than the old school model of NLE for EDL creation.

    That's great for a lot of people, but you do have to wonder how that new timeline kicks out an EDL, don't you? T

    he majority of productions are still tape based for now, but it is shifting rather quickly (especially with the HDSR shortage). I would imagine that Apple is gambling on the inevitable future of tapeless workflows and so I don't think it would be that crazy for them to leave out traditional tools for NLE to Online workflows.

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  • rasmasyean
    Jun 25, 11:44 PM
    Microsoft has said that Kinect will only work with 2 people.

    Do they mean 2 "full" people? What about that ad where you saw ppl playing a question game and hammering their palms with thier fists?

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  • allmIne
    Jul 30, 02:38 PM
    All beer sucks. That beer has been dressing itself up like wine for the last few decades or so is hysterical. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. IMO, there's no difference between Budweiser and Chimay, except that Chimay manages to be even more disgusting. Don't even get me started on crap like Guinness. And before anyone says anything, I used to work in good restaurants for 20 years, I've had just about every beer you can think of- all of them are nasty. Beer is the only beverage that tastes even worse the more you pay. Hey- I tried it. :p:p:p:p

    Beer is easily the worst alcoholic beverage on the face of the planet, right next to grappa.

    So working in a restaurant makes an opinion like this valid?

    Pretty close minded view, imo. Oh, and Guinness isn't beer, as alluded to earlier in the thread,


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  • motulist
    Oct 19, 12:30 PM
    If those screenshots are real, the iCal update looks very disappointing. Though you can't tell much from a single screenshot, it looks like the iCal update is more a cosmetic update rather than a feature update. The only new feature I can see in that screenshot is something about new event notifications, but that's hardly what people have been clamoring for.

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  • Eraserhead
    May 1, 02:33 PM
    every illegal immigrant that enters England pretty much gets to stay 90% of the time.

    Citation needed.

    Actually of course you have no idea, and neither does anyone else, because the Tories made (and to be fair Labour didn't reverse) the great cost cutting measure of not checking people's passports when they leave Britain.

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  • ZizousamA
    Jan 7, 03:53 PM

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  • bdkennedy1
    Aug 7, 04:23 PM
    QuickTime Pro.

    Analog Kid
    Oct 12, 10:07 PM
    3D audio cues? How would you get anything above 1D audio cues?
    Headphones can reproduce 3D sound... Two speakers to feed the two holes in your head. Time and filter the signals properly and you can put a sound anywhere...

    I'll hold back on how amazing the human hearing system is-- but if you ever get the chance to research it, do so.

    Nov 17, 04:33 PM
    Can i just mention something??

    I'm a musician and am very well acquainted with notation software such as sibelius 4 and Finale. What on earth would be the point in having a piano keyboard interface?? The range can't really be more than an octave, which is rather useless when writing... And even then, just to use it as an imput method would be so much slower then just typing the names of notes. Now one can press the letter 'a' and an A (the note) will be displayed. When using such software, it's not the note imput that takes the time, it's the changing of note values, and adding instructions and markings to the score. for this, the piano keyboard would be useless. What, so every time you want to write a new italian tempo marking, you have to switch to a keyboard?? sucks.

    Oh, and some people may say that it could midi record and notate what you play... but this rarely works well and even then you're stuck with the range of probs just over an octave.

    Thoughts welcome.

    Mar 24, 11:59 AM
    Ha ha ha! Way to prove you arent a Samsung rep..."3 iPad's down", give me a break, nobody could go through 3 iPad 2's with how tight supply has been. Take a hike.

    they have replacement and waranty supply at every store that aren't for sale or inventory, only for replacements. If you check a dozen other threads you'll see many people (not just noobs) with this issue who have gotten a couple replacements. I'm too lazy to link you but go look.

    Apr 26, 12:27 PM
    Looks beautiful...but Im curious why US Stores didn't receive/start selling them first. :confused:

    I mean, this is AMURIKA after all gosh darnit.

    Lord Blackadder
    Mar 28, 05:10 PM
    Exactly. It's really funny to me when self-professed Greenies buy these electric cars in the name of saving the earth. Where do you think that electricity to charge up your car comes from? Well, if you live in the US, it's most likely coal. So your electric car is actually a coal powered car. lol.

    That is true. However, the potential efficiency is higher with electrics or plug-in hybrids. Thus, they have the potential to pollute less even when the electricity comes from a coal-fired power station.

    There's no carbon-neutral solution out there, unless Toyota starts planting a million trees for every Prius they sell. But electrics and hybrids are generally cleaner.

    No, you don't. Renewable bio-fuels like biodiesel are the way forward. Not clumsy inefficient electric cars that only go 80 miles at a time.

    Increased biofuel production causes food prices to skyrocket. That pretty much guarantees that biofuels will be a niche market for the forseeable future. They are great if you are the only person in town filling up his or her Merc diesel from restaurant oil - but when everyone wants to do it there just isn't anywhere near enough fuel.

    Do you want to know what the "way forward" really is? Drive less. There isn't enough energy in the world for everyone to tool around in their cars as much as they do now. But nobody wants to believe it.

    i have no idea though ... it is even more funny because i actually know the person who registered that new Chrysler Voyager (he is using for his business).
    if you are interested i can easily post the rest of the numbers

    Now I'm curious; what's the best selling brand? Funnily enough, my family used to have a Voyager years ago. It was actually a very solid van, if a bit crude. We don't get the diesel option in the US though, so we had to make do with a gasoline 2.4L with 20mpg. :(



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